If you were asked what type of entertainment has stuck with you from childhood until you established a family and still holds great attraction in the hearts of each of us. There are even some works that have not yet come to an end but continue to release many new fascinating episodes. Well, it’s definitely Manga.

Let’s review some of the best Manga works of all time and still have great appeal across generations today.  

1. One Piece 

Author:  Oda Eiichiro  

Genre:  Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy 

Year of publication:  1999 


This is a Manga series revolving around Monkey D. Luffy, a silly boy with a bit of humor from the East Blue sea. Luffy founded the Straw Hat Pirates with the friends he saved. On the Going Merry ship, together they went through countless challenges to search for One Piece – the prestigious treasure. 

With stories that are both thrilling and beautiful about friendship, One Piece has received the love of countless fans around the world. Author Oda Eiichiro also recorded his name in the Guinness Book of Records for achieving the Manga series with the largest printed volume.

Up to now, One Piece has more than 1,000 story volumes, its appeal is increasingly expanding and receiving a lot of love from readers around the world. One Piece is the most classic Manga work known to many people. 


2. Naruto 

Author:  Masashi Kishimoto 

Genre:  Action, Humor 

Year of publication:  1999 


To prevent the Nine-Tailed Fox from attacking Konoha, Naruto’s father used forbidden magic to seal it for his son – Naruto to protect the whole village. After stopping the Nine-Tails, both Naruto’s father and mother sacrificed their lives. Naruto grew up in a situation where people in the village rejected and shunned him.

He himself did not know that monster existed inside him. Despite being shunned by those around him, Naruto always carries within himself determination and an optimistic and cheerful spirit. On his journey to learn to fulfill his dream of becoming the village’s Hokage, he learns the truth about himself and thrilling stories begin to happen from here. 

Naruto is one of the most legendary Japanese Manga. Intimate storytelling, engaging content… are the reasons why Naruto has never cooled down. Currently the Naruto story has ended, but author Masashi Kishimoto continues to write part 2 called Boruto.. 


3. Dragon Ball (Dragon BallZ) 

Author:  Akira Toriyama 

Genre:  Action, Fantasy, Comedy 

Year of publication:  1970 

Dragon Ball is an extremely famous Manga series. The content of the series is about the life of many ups and downs of the monkey-tailed boy Son Goku. There is a legend left in the world that there are seven Dragon Balls hidden everywhere on earth. If anyone finds all seven tablets, that person will be granted any wish. Young Son Goku is determined to set out to find the pearl, with the help of his enthusiastic friends. 

Dragon Ball is a classic, but when it comes to Manga, few people will know this series. The series was adapted into many different episodes and has become the childhood memory of countless people around the world. 

4. Detective Conan (Famous Detective Conan) 

Author:  Aoyama Gōshō 

Genre:  1994 

Year of publication:  Detective, Humor, Romance 


Famous detective Conan

When talking about Manga and forgetting the famous Detective Conan , it is a huge mistake. This is a Manga collection set in modern Japan with the main character Shinichi Kudo – a famous high school detective. During a case, he was discovered by the Black Organization and given medicine to shrink him.

From then on, Shinichi appeared in the form of 6-year-old Edogawa Conan, but his brain and genius crime-solving ability remained unchanged. Staying at his girlfriend Ran Mori’s house, Conan participated in solving many mysterious cases and gradually exposed the truth of the black organization…

The success of  Detective Conan is a brilliant milestone in Japanese Manga history. The story of the little detective has continued to love many generations of audiences for many years. 


Famous detective Conan

5. Pokemon 

Author:  Hidenori Kusaka 

Genre:  Adventure, fantasy, magical beasts 

Year of publication:  1997 

In this world, creatures with supernatural abilities live – Pokemon. People, called Pokemon Trainers, train Pokemon to fight other trainers’ Pokemon: to a certain extent, Pokemon battles resemble sports competitions. Battles are held until one of the two sides is no longer able to compete.

As a rule, strong and experienced trainers are honored. Main character – Pokemon trainer Satoshi. Along with Pikachu as his first Pokemon, he travels around the world to become a Master Pokemon Trainer. Join your friends on a journey through different regions. 



6. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) 

Author:  Gotōge Koyoharu 

Genre:  Adventure, Dark Fantasy 

Year of publication:  2016 


The story is set in Japan during the Taisho period, when everywhere people were talking about a man-eating demon lurking in the forest. From young to old, no one dared to leave the house at dusk because of the fear of these demons. The main character of the story is the kind and chivalrous boy Kamado Tanjiro, the son of a poor woodcutter family living in the mountains.

One day, demons rushed in and massacred the whole family, leaving only him and his younger sister Kazuo. But then Kazuo was also turned into a demon. Too sad and hurt his sister, Kazuo decided to destroy the devil and avenge his whole family. 

Compared to big names in the Manga village,  Demon Slayer Sword is still very young. However, the appeal of this series is still no less with tens of millions of copies printed each year. 


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) 

7. My Hero Academia (Superhero Academy) 

Author:  Horikoshi Kōhei  

Genre:  Comedy, Superhero 

Year of publication:  2014 


My Hero Academia (Superhero Academy) 


Midoriya Izuku is a sick middle school student with freckles and is often bullied by his friends. However, he nurtured his dream of becoming a superhero. But then the opportunity will come for those with a kind heart, Izuku gets into the UA hero academy with the help of the talented hero All Might that he loves. A journey full of interesting things begins to unfold for little Izuku.  


This Manga series was turned into an animated film and shown in many countries such as Japan, America, etc. 


8. Akira HOT MANGA

Author:  Otomo Katsuhiro 

Genre:  Action, Romance, Fantasy, Adventure 

Year of publication:  1988  


Akira is a Manga series with content revolving around the post-apocalyptic theme. In 1992, the milestone that started World War 3, a newly created bomb with terrible destructive power was tested right on the capital of Japan – Neo – Tokyo. The small city crumbled, hundreds of thousands of people died and countless houses were destroyed. The consequences were that many years later the city still has not recovered.


Tetsuo, the main character of the Manga, while casually walking around the ruins, was accidentally sucked into a mysterious spiritual experiment conducted by the government. He himself did not know that he was about to face an extremely terrifying power, something that is the target of terrorist organizations, something called Akira… 


Published in 1988,  Akira is the proud brainchild of writer Otomo Katsuhiro , receiving countless prestigious awards and warm reception from the public. 


9. Death Note (Death Note) 

Author:  Tsugumi Ohba – Takeshi Obata 

Genre:  Fiction, Comedy, Psychological 

Year of publication:  2003 


Death Note (Death Note) 


There are coincidences that lead to terrible dangers.  Death Note is a Manga that recounts such an accident. A high school student named Light Yagami randomly picked up a Death Note.


It is a universal book, capable of killing anyone whose name is written on it. Light took advantage of this feature of the notebook, gave himself the alias Kira and in turn wrote down the names of those he believed were evil, plotting to create a world massacre. To stop Kira’s plans, the Special Enforcement Force team led by talented detective L joined the investigation and started new plans…


Death Note  is a very popular Manga series in Japan because of the thrill and appeal that lasts throughout. Death Note was also adapted into English, French, German… 


10.  Super naughty Teppie 

Author: Chiba Tetsuya 

Year of manufacture: 1973 

Genre: Humor, sports 


The plot revolves around Teppei, a boy who followed his father to the mountains to find treasure and lived throughout his childhood in the wild. Therefore, when he returned to the city, he was a bit eccentric and caused trouble often since entering school because he was used to a free life.


However, because he lived in the wilderness since he was young, Teppei was much more capable than normal people in sports. He paid attention to kendo and began practicing regularly to become the best swordsman. 


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