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Review of Raw Manhwa reading website – RedditManga

Besides the hobby of watching anime, reading comics online is gradually becoming a hobby chosen by many young people. However, choosing a story reading website with high quality, few ads, and content that is updated early and continuously is not an easy task. The following article will introduce you to the Raw Manhwa reading website – a high-quality manhwa reading address that you cannot ignore.

Introducing the Raw Manhwa RedditManga reading page

Raw Manhwa RedditManga is a free comic reading website that updates raw stories early and continuously. RedditManga is a website with a huge amount of traffic and is constantly at the top with a huge collection of stories. This is the address to read raw versions of manhwa chosen by many fans. Below are some of my reviews about this online comic reading site.

Advantage of RedditManga

– Beautiful website interface, easy to use, very well optimized when reading on mobile
– Fast page loading speed, no lag when reading stories, dead chapters of stories
– Fun, positive discussion community
– Trang There are very few ads (almost none)
– Large number of stories, with more than 30 carefully classified topics
– Rating system by week, month, and year helps you easily choose the top good stories to watch
– The follow feature helps you update new chapters without having to search
– The history feature helps you store your story reading history
– The member feature helps you log in to comment, discuss, accumulate points to level up and Receive benefits from veteran members
– RedditManga has a speed of updating raw manhwa, raw manga, raw manhua on average 6-8 hours earlier than early update websites.
– Raw manhwa scans were translated early and the translation quality was good.

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– Raw Manhwa RedditManga website does not have its own app to read stories on mobile phones. If you want to read on mobile, you still have to use a browser.

– The fan community on Facebook is not very active

– Must log in to use some features on the website.

According to my assessment – a comic fan with more than 10 years of practice, RedditManga is a website that has all the elements of a leading online comic reading site. The website not only has a large comic book store, updated soon, but also has very few ads – something that very few other comic reading sites do not have. If you are being bothered by hundreds of ads every time you read a story. You are waiting for a long time because some good series that are coming out are dropped. Or you are simply a wibu who wants to wait for new details of your favorite series like me, you must definitely visit the RedditManga website to explore.

Introducing attractive comic genres on RedditManga

Comics on RedditManga include 3 main genres: Korean comics (Manhwa), Chinese comics (Manhwa), Japanese comics (manga). The series are classified into more than 30 different genres such as: martial arts, action, life, adventure, psychology, adventure, fantasy, romance, horror… Below are some raw manhwa versions you can follow

Top Raw Manhwa or on RedditManga Website

Manhwa is a Korean comic genre updated on famous webtoons around the world. Raw manhwa scans are updated early and regularly every week by War Manga. Below are some great manhwa you should try reading

– Life Manhwa: Magical Exchange (Lookism)

– Tomb Raider King Manhwa: Tomb Raider King

– Crime horror manhwa: Transform into a cat (Elecced)

– School Manhwa: Dokgo rewind

– Cultivation Manhwa: I level up a league (solo leveling)

– Horror Manhwa: The Breaker

Top Raw manhua good on RedditManga

Raw manhua (Chinese comics) are comic adaptations of famous online novels in China. Manhua series often have a large number of chapters, are updated quite quickly and are rarely dropped. Some outstanding manhua genres that many readers read, you can refer to:

Famous manhwa series: Douluo Continent 1, Douluo Continent 2, Douluo Continent, …

Manhua cultivating immortals, system: Martial Peak training (Martial Peak)

Manhua Harem: Above All gods

Top good raw manga on RedditManga

Raw manga is a scanned copy of famous Japanese manga stories. On RedditManga website there are many famous manga series with a large number of readers in the world with all genres. Below are some stories you can try reading.

Adventure genre, supernatural discovery: Pirate Island – One Piece

– Soccer Manga: Ao Ashi

– Science fiction genre: Dandadan

– Horror genre: Choujin X

– Science genre: Dr Stone

– Martial arts genre: Jujutsu Kaisen

– Monster genre: Kaiju No 8

Above is an introduction and review of the Raw Manhwa RedditManga site. Hopefully, you will choose a high-quality and reputable story reading website to have relaxing moments after a long day of work!


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