Top 7 most outstanding manhwa today you must read

Manhwa is the term for comic works originating from Korea. If you are looking for Manhwa series to experience, the article below will give you great choices.

1. Solo Leveling

Author: Chugong
Genre: Action, fantasy, horror

Solo Leveling attracts Korean and Vietnamese readers with the story of hunter Sung Jin-Woo, with an E rating but endless perseverance. He sought strength through the most difficult dungeons, and after dangerous challenges, Jin-Woo became a true S-rank hunter.

2. The God of High School

Author: Yongje Park
Genre: Comedy, martial arts, supernatural

The God of High School combines martial arts and special abilities to create beautiful matches. Jin Mori, a high school student, participates in the God of High School contest with the prize being whatever the winner wants, while also searching for his missing grandfather.

3. Noblesse

Author: Son Jeho
Genre: Fantasy, mystery

Noblesse tells the story of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, who awakens after 800 years of sleep. Integrating into the modern world, Raizel becomes a high school student, enjoying a simple life. But peace only existed before he was caught up in a power battle between hidden forces. The battle is full of danger, powerful enemies await Raizel.

4. Lookism

Author: Park Tae-joon
Genre: Drama

The story is about Park Hyun Suk, an overweight and unnoticed boy. Moving to a new town, his life changes when he wakes up with a new, attractive and strong body. Park Hyun Suk began to integrate into a new life with a completely different person.

5. True Beauty

Author: Yaongy
Genre: Comedy, romance

True Beauty tells the story of Jugyeong – a high school girl who transforms from ordinary appearance into a makeup star. Fame comes quickly, but will the guy she likes accept her true face?

6. Tower of God

Author : Lee Jong-hui (SIU)
Genre : Action, fantasy

Tower of God revolves around Twenty-Fifth Bam, whose adventure begins when he enters the large labyrinth tower, searching for his missing companion. Each tower level is a new challenge, creating an exciting maze for the story!

7. The Breaker manhwa

Author : Jeon Geuk-jin
Genre : Martial arts, drama

The Breaker is about Shin-woo, a shy student who is bullied, goes to teacher Chun Woo to learn martial arts and explores a world full of mysterious war.

Chun Woo, the mysterious teacher, teaches Shin-woo about strength and determination through bloody battles. Shin-woo’s battle with the gang and his growth is a dramatic journey.


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