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List 5 Best Comic Reading Apps today on Reddit Discussion (WEBTOON, Mangatoon, INKR)

In recent years, comic book enthusiasts have tended to prefer reading on comic apps rather than printed stories thanks to convenience, high image quality, etc. On the market today, there are many comic book apps, but finding an app that is both copyrighted and suitable for your reading needs and preferences is not easy.

Therefore, in this article, mybest will introduce to you how to choose  and top 10 best comic reading apps today. Hopefully after reading, you will find the comic reading app that best suits you.



 Clear Images Combined With Catchy Background Music

With more than 20 rich story genres and clear image quality, WEBTOON is one of the most popular comic reading apps today. Readers can use drag operations to read each page of the story and enjoy the background music that accompanies the story chapters to immerse themselves in the world of comics.

All WEBTOON comics are free and are only limited to chapters once the story has been released. Therefore, if you wait patiently every week, you will be able to enjoy reading stories without having to spend a penny. Note that because the app originates from Korea, besides comic books by Western artists, most of the comics on WEBTOON will be manhwa.

2.Lezhin Comics

Lezhin Comics 1

Continuously Update the Most Famous Manhwa

Lezhin Comics is a familiar name for fans of Korean comics, especially the BL genre. The app interface is simple and easy to use, readers just need to swipe to read the story. The App has the feature of adding background music to story chapters (depending on the story) and automatically saving reading positions and new chapter reminders for readers to follow the story more seamlessly.

Besides recharging, if you work hard on the app every day, you will receive coins to unlock stories. However, please note that coins will expire so use them quickly.


MangaToon 1

Easily Customize the Reading Interface

Supported in many languages, MangaToon is one of the most popular story reading apps in Vietnam. Besides providing a large number of romance comics, the app also has detailed but easy-to-use features to customize the reading interface such as changing reading mode, rotating the screen, changing image quality, etc.

In addition, the app also has a large user forum to discuss and create topics around story titles, activities such as daily attendance, playing games, watching ads in exchange for coins .

4.INKR — Comics, Manga, Webtoons

INKR — Comics, Manga, Webtoons 1

 Rich Story Store, Full Origin, Genre

INKR — Comics, Manga, Webtoons is one of the most diverse and complete comic reading apps today. The App has more than 1,000 titles of all genres from professional and amateur authors. The story reading interface has a status bar as well as allowing readers to change reading direction, brightness , etc.

All stories are free for the first few chapters and will require readers to pay $4.99 monthly after the first month’s free trial. After payment, you can enjoy unlimited reading until the next month.

5.Tapas – Comics and Novels

Tapas – Comics and Novels 1

Destination for Manhwa Enthusiasts

If you are a manhwa lover, you cannot help but know Tapas – Comics and Novels. Tapas provides a large number of manhwa of many different genres, as well as detailed information about weekly posting dates and when chapters will be unlocked so you can read them for free. Readers just need to swipe to read the story and move on to the next chapter.

Besides depositing money, you can perform activities such as inviting friends, watching ads, answering surveys in exchange for coins to unlock story chapters. In addition, if you want to try reading more comics by amateur artists, you can go to the Community section to explore.


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