Read List 5 Best Manhwa in 2024 That You Mustn’t Miss Out

Manhwa used to be overshadowed by manga, but its popularity is growing, with many popular titles getting anime adaptations. In 2024, there will be many new and interesting manhwa choices across various genres. The action genre continues to be a fan favorite. Here are the top manhwa titles to follow in 2024.

List 5 Best Manhwa in 2024 Recommended

5. Being Raised by Villains

Manhwa Terbaik 2023

What would happen if you grew up ignored by your family and constantly compared to your brothers? That’s what Cha Mi So experienced until she finally dreamed of a life in her favorite novel as the main character of the story. But one day she wakes up in a novel, but not as the main character, but as Eileen Etam, an oppressed side character who is about to be thrown out of her house.

To avoid that from happening, he planned to leave before it happened. But when Erno Etam, the crazy heir to House Etam, claims that Eileen is his daughter, his plans are thwarted, and Eileen finds herself in the middle of a conflict between House Etam and several criminals.

4. Surviving the Game as a Barbarian

Manhwa Terbaik 2023

Lee Han Su the main protagonist in this story spent most of his life in hospitals, which naturally led him to develop an interest in video games. Just as he was starting to get bored with the abundance of games in the industry, he discovered an unknown indie game that immediately captivated him, Dungeon and Stone. After spending nine years playing it to be the first person to complete the game, he suddenly wakes up in a boss room and wakes up in the body of Bjorn Yandel, a Barbarian who is not too different from the character he plays. This was the beginning of his amazing journey in a world where Bjorn showed no weakness.

3. The Academy’s Genius Swordsman

Manhwa Terbaik 2023

Ronan feels like he has lived a life in vain and is full of regrets, this time his second chance came at the end of his life. Suddenly, Ronan returned to when he was a ten years old child. Thanks to the people who sacrificed themselves for him, he became more determined to live a new life this time. This manhwa tells the story in a way that the protagonist always makes optimal decisions to reach his full potential and become as strong as possible. So this manhwa work is very stunning coupled with a complicated setting, this title is really exciting for you to read.

2. The Max-Level Player’s 100th Regression

Manhwa Terbaik 2023

What would happen if an angel suddenly appeared and announced the start of a game of death? This is what happens in this manhwa, where every human between the ages of 15 to 29 is forced to participate in each game which is then transferred to a new dimension. Where if you die in the game, your real body in the real world will also die. However, this is different from Ryumin, the main character, who failed 99 times in the game.

This happens because Ryumin has a unique, special rune, which allows him to return up to 100 times. However, on his 100th attempt, when he was about to face the final boss, a warning appeared in the game system saying the game required 5 players to be able to face the final boss to continue. Because he was alone, he was forced to die. But luckily he has a rune that allows him to go back in time to when all this tragedy began.

1. Revenge of the Baskerville Bloodhound

Manhwa Terbaik 2023

Vikir Van Baskerville devoted his entire life to the Baskerville Family as a loyal dog seeking recognition, carrying out missions ranging from assassination to reconnaissance. Despite being a shunned illegitimate child, Vikir served his family loyally, but his fate was only to be executed ultimately at the hands of his father. But he gets a second chance to be reborn in a different life this time.

Vikir, armed with the memories and knowledge of his past, vows to rise and take revenge to become as strong as possible and destroy those who betrayed him. This manhwa is very popular among fans because it combines two popular themes, namely revenge and age regression. Not to mention that the main protagonist has now become more cunning, cold, and brutal in pursuing his goals. Making this manhwa quite interesting reading for you to follow.

That’s the list of the best manhwa in 2024, have you read all the manhwa above?

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