Russell Crowe Shines in ‘Sleeping Dogs’ Despite a Flawed Script

Russell Crowe’s exceptional performance in ‘Sleeping Dogs’ elevates the lackluster script, showcasing his talent and potential for a resurgence in his career.

Russell Crowe’s Exceptional Performance Shines in ‘Sleeping Dogs’

Russell Crowe’s undeniable talent and recent successful performances have positioned him as a formidable actor in the industry. However, his latest film, ‘Sleeping Dogs,’ directed by Adam Cooper, leaves much to be desired. While Crowe’s performance elevates the lackluster script, it raises concerns that he may be heading towards a string of mediocre VOD thrillers that have plagued other actors in the past. Nonetheless, Crowe’s portrayal in ‘Sleeping Dogs’ showcases his ability to shine even in underwhelming projects.

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Based on E.O. Chirovici’s novel, ‘The Book of Mirrors,’ the film opens with protagonist Roy Freeman (played by Russell Crowe) grappling with dementia. Roy’s memory loss becomes a convenient plot device, hindering his progress when necessary and conveniently disappearing when momentum is required. As the story progresses, Roy, a retired cop, embarks on a reinvestigation of a crime he previously solved. This leads him to his former partner Jimmy Remis (Tommy Flanagan), who advises him to let sleeping dogs lie.

Roy’s investigation revolves around the impending execution of Isaac Samuel (Pacharo Mzembe), who was wrongfully convicted of murdering Dr. Joseph Wieder (Marton Csokas) a decade earlier. Through flashbacks, it becomes apparent that Samuel witnessed the murder but failed to identify the assailant. Roy’s curiosity leads him to explore the case further, starting with the mysterious death of Richard Finn (Harry Greenwood), who wrote a true crime memoir about the Wieder murder. Finn’s partner Laura Baines (Karen Gillan), a research partner of Wieder, becomes a key figure in uncovering the truth.

Flawed Script and Inconsistent Characters

‘Sleeping Dogs’ suffers from a script that frequently veers into incoherent plotting and inconsistent character development. The lack of reliable narrators further complicates the storytelling, resulting in scenes that feel nonsensical and heavy-handed. The film often fails to strike the right balance between suspense and credibility, leaving the audience perplexed.

Despite these shortcomings, Russell Crowe delivers a commendable performance, infusing his character with depth and authenticity. Crowe’s portrayal of Roy Freeman is nuanced and captivating, demonstrating his ability to salvage even the weakest of films. His commanding presence and natural talent shine through, reminding viewers of the actor he truly is.

Conclusion: Crowe’s Potential for a Resurgence

‘Sleeping Dogs’ may not live up to its potential as a twisty noir film exploring memory, perception, and an unreliable narrator. The film’s flawed script and inconsistent characters hinder its ability to engage and captivate. However, Russell Crowe’s exceptional performance serves as a reminder of his talent and the potential for a Russell Crowe renaissance. While ‘Sleeping Dogs’ may not be the vehicle for his resurgence, Crowe’s portrayal in the film demonstrates his ability to elevate any project he is a part of. Here’s hoping that Crowe will soon find himself in the hands of a filmmaker who can fully harness his natural abilities and propel him back to the pinnacle of his career.

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