Players Uncover Lucrative Gold Farming Method in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Learn how players have found a quick and profitable way to amass gold in Dragon’s Dogma 2 by manipulating Pawn quests and coordinating with other players. Discover the potential earnings and strategies to maximize your wealth in the game.

Discover a Lucrative Gold Farming Method in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2, the recently released game, has already captivated players who have uncovered a lucrative method to amass a significant amount of gold in a short span of time. This exploit revolves around the mechanics of Pawn quests, allowing players to manipulate them for financial gain.

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Many players were unaware that it was possible to manually adjust their Pawns’ quests, but now they have discovered a way to exploit this feature. By setting their Pawn’s quest to slay a specific monster and increasing the quest reward to 10,000 gold, players can take advantage of multiple hires from other Dragon’s Dogma 2 players.

Although this method requires an initial investment of 10,000 gold, the potential returns far outweigh the cost. Since multiple players can hire the same Pawn, the 10,000 gold expenditure is effectively a one-time expense. This allows players to send their Pawn on the same quest multiple times, earning them significant amounts of gold.

Maximize Your Gold Earnings with Coordinated Pawn Quests

To maximize the benefits, players need to gather at a Riftstone and summon Pawns that have also set their quest reward to 10,000 gold. By undertaking these related quests together, players can quickly accumulate substantial amounts of gold. If fortunate enough to hire two Pawns with the same reward, the potential earnings can reach 20,000 gold in a short period.

It’s important to note that Pawns only return from their quests when players rest in a bed, such as an inn or a house. To extend the duration of their absence, players should only rest via a campfire for as long as possible. This strategy ensures that Pawns remain away for an extended period, allowing for more quests to be completed and greater earnings to be achieved.

In addition to the gold earned through Pawn quests, players can also sell valuable monster parts obtained from creatures like Ogres or Cyclops’. These monster parts can fetch a substantial sum, further boosting players’ coffers.

Watch Out for Potential Adjustments by the Developer

While this method has gained popularity among Dragon’s Dogma 2 players, it’s reasonable to expect that Capcom, the game’s developer, may intervene to address this exploit if it becomes widespread. As the comments on the Reddit post suggest, players are drawn to Pawns offering a 10,000 gold reward, highlighting the importance of currency even in a fantasy world.

In conclusion, players of Dragon’s Dogma 2 have discovered a method to rapidly accumulate wealth through manipulating Pawn quests. By adjusting the quest reward to 10,000 gold and coordinating with other players, substantial amounts of gold can be earned. However, players should be mindful of potential adjustments by the game’s developer to maintain the balance of the in-game economy.

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