Unearthing ‘La Chimera’: A Captivating Tale of Magical Realism

Discover the enchanting film ‘La Chimera’ and its captivating blend of magical realism and grounded storytelling. Follow Arthur on his peculiar journey into the underground tombs of Tuscany as he searches for buried treasures and seeks to connect with the afterlife. With exquisite performances and a seamless blend of reality and fantasy, this hidden gem is a testament to Alice Rohrwacher’s talent as one of the most original filmmakers of our time.

Unearthing ‘La Chimera’: A Captivating Tale of Magical Realism

Alice Rohrwacher’s enchanting film, ‘La Chimera,’ is a testament to the power of movie magic. While we often associate this term with spectacular visual effects, Rohrwacher’s film proves that enchantment can also be found in the most ordinary of places.

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The story revolves around Arthur, a brooding British man living in Italy. Haunted by memories of his deceased lover, Benjamina, Arthur embarks on a peculiar journey into the underground tombs of Tuscany. His melancholic demeanor and mystical ability to find ancient relics set the stage for a captivating narrative.

Set in the early 1980s, Arthur returns home after serving time in jail for grave robbing. Surprisingly, his homecoming is celebrated by a group of tomb raiders who view him as a master of his craft. They affectionately refer to him as ‘maestro.’

Arthur’s gift for locating buried treasures is uncanny. With a simple branch as his dowsing tool, he effortlessly guides his companions to the exact spots where they should dig. This precision is mirrored in the film itself, which gradually unfolds as a buried treasure waiting to be discovered.

Exploring the Delicate Balance of History and Present

Rohrwacher’s fascination with the past is evident throughout ‘La Chimera.’ She explores the profound influence history can have on the present and the delicate balance between the two. In her previous films, ‘The Wonders’ and ‘Happy as Lazzaro,’ she delved into similar themes, but ‘La Chimera’ is the culmination of her exploration of ‘magical neorealism.’

Arthur’s quest is not solely driven by financial gain but by a deep desire to connect with the afterlife and, more specifically, with Benjamina. As he digs deeper into the tombs, the film raises questions about the darkness that may consume him in his pursuit.

In addition to his tomb raiding, Arthur also visits Benjamina’s mother, Flora, portrayed brilliantly by Isabella Rossellini. Flora, like Arthur, is unable to come to terms with her daughter’s death. Her old-world manners and the crumbling villa she resides in serve as reminders of the past. It is during one of these visits that Arthur encounters Italia, a singing student who becomes a crucial observer in the film.

Italia is the embodiment of the time the tombs represent. While others view the tomb raiding as a thrilling adventure, she is horrified by the desecration of the graves. This stark contrast highlights the significance of the past and its relics, particularly the elevated role of women in Etruscan society.

Blurring the Lines Between Dreams and Reality

‘La Chimera’ masterfully intertwines the past and the present, blurring the lines between the two. The film’s most significant Etruscan discovery occurs on a beach with a factory nearby, symbolizing the juxtaposition of ancient history and modernity. However, the most remarkable excavation is that of Arthur’s grieving soul, portrayed with exquisite finesse by Josh O’Connor.

O’Connor’s performance is a testament to the film’s ability to seamlessly blend reality and fantasy. Rohrwacher’s storytelling evokes a sense of fairy tale magic, leaving the audience captivated and questioning the boundaries between dreams and reality.

‘La Chimera’ is a hidden gem, waiting to be unearthed. With its earthy yet spellbinding narrative and compelling performances, it is a testament to Alice Rohrwacher’s talent as one of the most original filmmakers of our time. As the film asks, ‘Were you dreaming?’ Indeed, it is a question worth pondering.

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