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Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 253 Spoiler Fastest

  • From the last chapter read, there have been hints of a major battle taking place between a full-potential Sukuna and Maki Zenin.
  • There has been huge hype and assumptions among readers about a match between the famous Zenin and the King of Curses.
  • Maki resembles Toji Fushiguro in the aspect that they have both been outcasts of the Zenin clan due to their lack of curse power but have immense physical prowess due to their gift called Heavenly Restriction, which grants the user extreme physical strength in exchange for having low cursed energy.
  • So fans are eager to see if their anticipated fight can give them satisfaction. On the other hand, with each chapter, it seems that Sukuna has yet to show his true potential.
  • He is constantly attacked by high-level sorcerers, but he has managed to defeat each one, including Gojo Satoru. In the next chapter, we can expect to see a full reveal of Sukuna’s true form and a class against the remaining people on the battlefield.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 252 Recap in RedditManga

In the previous chapter, Yuta has managed to trap Sukuna in his domain while others wait for his signal for Maki Zenin to launch a surprise attack on Sukuna. Previously, Sukuna got injured by Maki due to her surprise attack, as he could not sense her curse energy.

He immediately concludes that she has low cursed energy, which is why her attack was unpredictable. Inside Yuta’s domain, Sukuna fights against Itadori and Yuta, while Maki and the others wait outside for his signal. Yuta forces Sukuna to make a crack in his domain and rupture it, only to serve as a signal for Maki to attack.

Maki charges in and gets into a heated battle with Sukuna. Sukuna soon realizes their plan and continues to launch attacks against Maki.

He failed to heal himself from Maki’s attack previously, as it cut a part of his soul that could not be healed with the reversed curse technique alone. Sukuna then fires twin meteors, which Maki easily avoids.

Maki realizes that Sukuna is using a reversed curse technique to forcefully keep the heart inside Megumi’s body alive. Sukuna analyzes Maki as being better at perceiving his attacks than others. He compares his fight against her with the time he fought against Mahoraga. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the area, Uraume and Hatari are dwelling with each other. Hatari boasts about how they are going to win, but Uraume replies with sarcasm. She then reveals that stronger opponents only fuel her master and that Sukuna has not shown his true power.

Who will save Fushiguro’s soul, Maki or Yuji?

We know from the long run that Sukuna has fused with Megumi to use his Ten Shadow Techniques to win his fight with Gojo Satoru. While Sukuna continues to clash with a high-grade sorcerer, the wound inflicted on him also has an impact on Fushiguro’s soul.

Yuji desperately tries to save Megumi’s soul by awakening him with Angel’s technique, “Jacobs Ladder,” to destroy Sukuna’s finger. However, Yuji has been constantly receiving heavy blows and has used the reversed curse technique continuously every time to heal himself.

In the recent chapter, he has overused his technique and spat blood. However, Choso soon helps him recover his composure.

On the other hand, Maki Zenin and Yuta have proved themselves effective against Sukuna, especially Maki, since Sukuna compares her to Mahoraga.

She can ascertain Sukuna’s attack patterns, which proves her to be a worthy opponent. However, as Uraume states, Sukuna has not yet released his full potential, so it will be a long time until Fushiguro’s soul gets released and awakens.


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