Fans Pay Tribute to Discontinued 3DS and Wii U Online Services

Discover how fans are paying tribute to the discontinued 3DS and Wii U online services through heartfelt artwork and emotional goodbyes. Join the resilient community of players as they cherish their last moments in these beloved virtual worlds.

Fans Pay Tribute to Discontinued 3DS and Wii U Online Services

The recent discontinuation of online services for all 3DS and Wii U games has left a void in the hearts of nostalgic gamers. However, the gaming community has responded with heartfelt tributes and a resilient spirit that showcases the power of fandom. Despite the servers shutting down, a dedicated group of fans are still holding on as the last survivors of the official servers.

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On the final day, countless players flocked to their favorite games’ online modes to relive the memories one last time. They engaged in final Pokemon trades, epic battles in Super Smash Bros. 4, and visits to friends’ Animal Crossing towns on the 3DS. Social media platforms were flooded with posts capturing these emotional goodbyes, and the experience has inspired a wave of fan art.

One particular clip from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS stood out as a source of inspiration. It depicted two random Kirby players clinging to each other in their final match. These orange and blue Kirbies, dubbed the “Kirbies at the end of it all,” have been immortalized in fan art as they hold each other’s blobby hands while the world behind them fades away. The original post became so popular that the other player saw it, leading to a heartwarming reunion in the replies.

Heartfelt Artwork and Emotional Goodbyes

Another emotional fan art trend emerged, focusing on the vibrant room seen in the Splatoon splash screen on the Wii U. Artists reimagined the room as empty and devoid of life, symbolizing the departure of the Inkling who once inhabited it. These poignant artworks stirred deep emotions among fans and became a testament to the impact of these online services.

Despite the server shutdown, a small community known as Nintendo Network After Hours has managed to survive. They have documented at least 23 survivors, including six Pokemon players on X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, two Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS players, and an impressive 11 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate players, among others. While there may be more survivors yet to be accounted for, these dedicated players continue to cherish their time in the virtual world.

Some survivors have taken to streaming their gameplay as proof of their continued presence. LAFFS, the server owner, managed to stream around 40 hours of Pokemon X online before encountering a connection error. Twitter user Joziken has been diligently updating a thread to demonstrate their active status on the Pokemon servers. Although trades with other players still worked for over 24 hours after the shutdown, only the Player Search System (PSS) remains operational, allowing the last players to exchange messages.

The Last Survivors and Looming Threats

The dwindling player count on the global map of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS serves as a visual representation of the server shutdown’s impact. Comparing the map on the day of the shutdown to two days later, it becomes evident that the majority of players have vanished, leaving only a few specks remaining.

The perseverance of these surviving players is remarkable, considering the uncertainty surrounding their continued connection. While their goal is to prolong their online experience for as long as possible, the looming threat of connection errors remains. Nevertheless, fans can still rely on the Nintendo Switch servers for online gaming, and there is a wide array of recommended games to explore.

Cherishing Last Moments and Lasting Impact

In conclusion, the discontinuation of online services for 3DS and Wii U games has evoked a wave of nostalgia and heartfelt tributes from the gaming community. Despite the server shutdown, a dedicated group of fans continues to hold on, cherishing their last moments in these beloved virtual worlds. Their resilience and creativity serve as a testament to the lasting impact of these games on the hearts and minds of players.

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