Indigo Girls’ Musical ‘Glitter & Doom’ Celebrates the Timeless Power of Their Music

The upcoming musical ‘Glitter & Doom’ pays homage to the enduring legacy of the Indigo Girls and their ability to create music that resonates with audiences on a deeply personal level.

The Timeless Power of the Indigo Girls’ Music

The Indigo Girls have long been a beloved and influential singer-songwriting duo, captivating audiences with their heartfelt and relatable music. Their impact is finally receiving the recognition it deserves, with the upcoming documentary ‘It’s Only Life After All’ delving into the lives of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. Additionally, their iconic song ‘Closer to Fine’ finds a surprising place in Greta Gerwig’s film ‘Barbie.’

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With their music continuing to resonate with audiences, it’s no wonder that ‘Glitter & Doom,’ a new jukebox musical featuring the Indigo Girls’ catalog, has emerged as a celebration of their timeless artistry. Directed by Tom Gustafson, this musical weaves a simple yet heartfelt story around the songs of the Indigo Girls.

A Heartfelt Storytelling through Indigo Girls’ Music

‘Glitter & Doom’ follows the journey of Glitter, played by Alex Diaz, who dreams of attending clown college in Paris but faces resistance from his high-powered executive mother, portrayed by Ming-Na Wen. Meanwhile, Doom, played by Alan Cammish, is an aspiring singer-songwriter struggling to find his voice. Their paths cross, and a tender and neurotic romance ensues, fueled by their shared passion for their artistic pursuits. Though their futures may take them in different directions, they support each other along the way.

The true strength of ‘Glitter & Doom’ lies in the music itself. With Michelle Chamuel handling the arrangements, the musical showcases a range of Indigo Girls’ hits. While the plot may at times feel simplistic, the performances of Diaz and Cammish, as well as the appearances of notable actors like Tig Notaro and Missi Pyle, elevate the production. Even Ray and Saliers make cameo appearances, further adding to the sense of authenticity.

The Indigo Girls’ Enduring Legacy

The Indigo Girls emerged during a resurgence of earnest female folk singers in the late 1980s, but their impact extended far beyond the trend. Their commitment to their craft, continuous touring, and nonstop recording for over three decades have solidified their status as enduring musicians. Their concerts still draw multi-generational crowds, and their influence as queer icons is deeply meaningful to their diverse fan base.

The Indigo Girls’ music possesses a unique ability to bypass the intellect and tap directly into the heart. The emotional depth conveyed through their chord progressions and harmonies is both powerful and relatable. Songs like ‘Watershed’ and ‘Love Will Come to You’ have the power to transport listeners back to specific moments in their lives, evoking strong emotions and memories.

The Magic of ‘Glitter & Doom’

‘Glitter & Doom’ captures the essence of the Indigo Girls’ music, but its structure lacks coherence. However, the film encourages viewers to surrender to the waves of music and immerse themselves in the Indigo Girls’ artistry. While the jukebox musical format may not always capture the magic of the original songs, it serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Indigo Girls and their ability to create music that resonates with audiences on a deeply personal level.

In a world where music can both imagine a better future and mourn lost loves, the Indigo Girls’ music stands as a testament to the power of music itself. ‘Glitter & Doom’ pays homage to this power, even if its execution falls short at times. So, sit back, let the music wash over you, and celebrate the indelible mark the Indigo Girls have left on the musical landscape.

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