Final Fantasy 14: Female Hrothgar Design Almost Took a Different Direction

The design of the female Hrothgar race in Final Fantasy 14 almost went in a different direction, with the game director ultimately choosing a design that showcased strength and nimbleness. The upcoming Dawntrail expansion will introduce the long-awaited female Hrothgar race.

The Evolution of the Female Hrothgar Design in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 players have been eagerly anticipating the introduction of the female Hrothgar race, and it seems that the final design almost took a different direction. In an interview with PLAY magazine, the game’s director revealed that there was an internal competition to determine the appearance of the female Hrothgar.

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The development team at Final Fantasy 14 follows a unique process for creating their characters. They hold internal competitions where artists are given the lore of the race and tasked with coming up with designs that capture the essence of the race. This process was followed for the Viera and male Hrothgar races as well.

For the female Hrothgar, the artists proposed eight different designs initially. From those eight, three were selected as finalists, and the game’s director made the final decision. He admitted that he was torn between a design that was popular internally and had a smaller, cuter build, and one that reflected the typical characteristics of a female Hrothgar – strong and nimble.

Ultimately, the director chose the design that showcased the “strong and nimble” build. He wanted the female Hrothgar to exude athleticism and power, aligning with the race’s characteristics. This decision resulted in the current design of the female Hrothgar, which can be seen in characters like Wuk Lamat.

A Connection with Final Fantasy 14: The Story of Wuk Lamat

Speaking of Wuk Lamat, the actor behind the character recently revealed their long-standing connection with Final Fantasy 14. They have been playing the game for over a decade and even had a chance to become a community representative. Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed in the interview process with Square Enix. However, they did get the opportunity to voice a character in the game, which more than made up for it.

Final Fantasy 14 Expands to Xbox Consoles

In other exciting news, Final Fantasy 14 is finally coming to Xbox consoles later this month. On March 21, players will be able to enjoy the game on Xbox, and for a limited time, the MMO’s Starter Edition will be available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Looking Ahead: The Dawntrail Expansion and the Female Hrothgar Race

Fans of Final Fantasy 14 can now look forward to the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, which will introduce the long-awaited female Hrothgar race. The decision to prioritize a “strong and nimble” build for the female Hrothgar reflects the game director’s vision for the race. With its release on Xbox consoles and the addition of the female Hrothgar, Final Fantasy 14 continues to expand its immersive world and captivate players around the globe.

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