Zatanna: Bringing Down the House – New DC Comics Series

DC Comics is releasing a new series centered around Zatanna Zatara, exploring her tragic childhood and aimed at mature readers. Written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Javier Rodríguez, the story follows Zatanna as she navigates a low-budget Las Vegas hotel and casino, using her stage magic tricks to make a living. But when a terrifying demon threatens her life, Zatanna must confront her past and embrace her true powers.

Introducing Zatanna: Bringing Down the House

DC Comics is set to release a new series centered around the beloved character Zatanna Zatara this June. Titled “Zatanna: Bringing Down the House,” this Black Label comic will delve into Zatanna’s tragic childhood and is aimed at mature readers. The series is written by Mariko Tamaki, an Eisner award-winner, and illustrated by Javier Rodríguez.

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The story follows Zatanna as she finds herself working in a low-budget Las Vegas hotel and casino, using her stage magic tricks to make a living instead of her real supernatural abilities. This change in her life comes after a devastating incident where her magic went wrong. Now, Zatanna prefers to perform as a sleight-of-hand stage act rather than deal with the consequences of her true powers.

However, her peaceful life is short-lived as an interdimensional vortex opens up on the stage she performs on, unleashing a terrifying demon with the intent to kill her. In order to survive, Zatanna must confront the haunting consequences of her past and take her magical abilities seriously.

Mariko Tamaki expressed her excitement about working on this project, stating, “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with this team and having the opportunity to tell a story that spotlights Zatanna. We’re very excited for people to see this weird little story we’ve whipped up for their reading pleasure.”

Javier Rodríguez, the artist, also shared his enthusiasm for the series, inviting readers to join them on a magical journey. He mentioned the joy of working on a character like Zatanna, who continuously invites exploration of the language of comics.

Although not as well-known as iconic characters like Batman or Wonder Woman, Zatanna has always been a fan favorite. Created in 1964 by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, she possesses incredible magical powers, casting spells by speaking backwards. Her abilities include moving through dimensions, mind-reading, and elemental control, making her an essential member of the Justice League Dark and a go-to hero for supernatural threats.

“Zatanna: Bringing Down the House” #1 is set to be published by DC on June 25. Fans can pre-order the comic starting from March 15. Stay tuned for this captivating story that promises to showcase the intriguing world of Zatanna and her extraordinary powers.

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