Uncovering the Life of Benjamin Franklin in Apple TV+ Series ‘Franklin’

Explore the new limited series ‘Franklin’ on Apple TV+, executive produced by and starring Michael Douglas, as it delves into the fascinating life of American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin and his journey to secure support for America’s revolution against Britain.

Uncovering the Life of Benjamin Franklin in Apple TV+ Series ‘Franklin’

Apple TV+ is set to release a new limited series called ‘Franklin,’ which is executive produced by and stars Michael Douglas in the title role. The show follows the life of American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, who, at the age of 70, traveled to France without any diplomatic experience to secure financial and military support for America’s revolution against Britain.

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In a recent interview with Michael Douglas, Noah Jupe, and director Tim Van Patten, they discussed the challenges of portraying historical figures and creating an authentic world for the series. They also touched on the complex relationships within Franklin’s family and the political complexities of the American Revolution.

The series aims to offer a unique perspective on Benjamin Franklin’s life, showcasing his journey to secure support for the American revolution. The show delves into Franklin’s flaws and his strained relationships, while also highlighting his meaningful connection with his grandson Temple. With its attention to detail and commitment to authenticity, ‘Franklin’ promises to be a captivating historical drama.

Portraying Benjamin Franklin: Balancing Authenticity and Relatability

In the interview, the cast and director discussed the decision to portray Benjamin Franklin with a high, receding foreheadline rather than as bald. They explained that the focus was on capturing the essence of the character, played by Michael Douglas, rather than spending excessive time on makeup and appliances. This choice aimed to create a relatable character that audiences could connect with.

The discussion also touched on Noah Jupe’s portrayal of Temple Franklin, Benjamin Franklin’s grandson. Jupe emphasized that Temple’s story is interesting even without the context of his famous grandfather. The series explores Temple’s coming-of-age journey set in France during that time period.

Complex Relationships and Political Intrigues

One of the intriguing aspects of the series is the complex relationships within Benjamin Franklin’s family. Franklin was distant from his wife and daughter, and he had a strained relationship with his son. Michael Douglas highlighted Franklin’s flaws, describing him as a narcissist who was focused on bigger things and not particularly interested in family life. However, Franklin did forge a meaningful relationship with his grandson Temple, adding depth to the story.

The interview also delved into the political complexities of the American Revolution. Franklin’s inability to reconcile with his own son while shaking hands with the British adds a layer of complexity to his character. Michael Douglas explained that Franklin saw democracy as the ultimate truth and had a strong belief in its future. This belief may have contributed to his adamant stance against his son’s loyalty to Britain.

Creating an Authentic World and Apple TV+’s Commitment to Quality

The director, Tim Van Patten, discussed the challenges of creating a historical drama and avoiding costume drama tropes. He emphasized the importance of authenticity and creating a world that the audience can relate to. The use of the French language and attention to detail in costume and set design helped bring the story to life. Van Patten also praised the extras for their contribution in creating a realistic environment.

The interview concluded with a discussion about Apple TV+’s commitment to producing quality content. The interviewer compared Apple TV+ to HBO, noting that Apple is now filling the void left by HBO in terms of high-quality programming. Van Patten expressed his pleasure in working with Apple TV+ and praised the platform for its great projects.

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