X-Men ’97 Creator Shares Insights on Influences and Unexpected Turns in the Series

Beau DeMayo, the creator of X-Men ’97, opens up about the influences behind the series and the unexpected twists in the fifth episode. Discover how real-life events shaped the characters and the journey the X-Men were meant to take. Get a glimpse into what could have been and the impact DeMayo had on the show.

Insights into X-Men ’97: Influences and Unexpected Turns

Beau DeMayo, the creator of the Disney+ series X-Men ’97, recently shared his thoughts on the show after being fired from Marvel. In a post on Twitter, DeMayo provided some insight into the fifth episode of X-Men ’97, titled “Remember It.”

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DeMayo’s original pitch for the series aimed to reflect the journey of fans who grew up watching the original show in the 90s. He wanted the X-Men to capture the nostalgia of a time when the world seemed safer. Episodes like “One Man’s Worth” tackled issues like skin-based racism, which DeMayo described as “quaint.”

Real-life events such as 9/11, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Pulse Nightclub shooting influenced the series and its characters. DeMayo mentioned how these events shaped the narrative, drawing parallels between the X-Men’s journey and stories that are often cut short prematurely.

Unexpected Twists in X-Men ’97: Gambit’s Story and More

One of the unexpected turns in X-Men ’97 was Gambit’s story. DeMayo mentioned how the character’s death in the fifth episode took an unexpected turn, influenced by real-life events. This twist added depth and complexity to the series, showcasing the impact of major events on the characters.

DeMayo’s vision for X-Men ’97 aimed to create a meaningful journey for the X-Men characters, reflecting the experiences of fans who grew up with the original show. Although he was fired from Marvel before the show premiered, his influence can still be felt in the nostalgic appeal and intriguing storylines of X-Men ’97.

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