The Plus One: A Rom-Com That Falls Short of Expectations

The Plus One, directed by Erik White, struggles to engage its audience and lacks originality, despite its popularity within the rom-com genre. The film picks up momentum in its third act, but fails to leave a lasting impression.

The Plus One: A Rom-Com That Falls Short of Expectations

The Plus One, directed by Erik White, attempts to deliver a rom-com experience with great comedic acting. However, it struggles to truly engage its audience, only managing to pick up momentum in its third act.

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As a fan of romantic comedies, I had high hopes for The Plus One. Films centered around weddings are often beloved, as they tap into relatable experiences that many viewers have encountered. However, despite its popularity within the genre, this particular film fails to captivate and lacks originality.

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Lack of Character Development and Conflict

One of the major issues with The Plus One lies in its writing. The protagonist, Lizzie, remains a mystery to the audience throughout the film. We are given little insight into her character, such as her age, occupation, or how she met her fiancé. This lack of character development extends to the other characters as well, making it difficult for the audience to truly invest in their relationships and dynamics. The film merely tells us that Marshall and Lizzie are best friends without showing us any substantial evidence of their bond.

Moreover, the plot lacks conflict and stakes for the majority of the film. It is only in the final act that new elements and doubts are introduced, heightening the tension between Lizzie and Marshall, as well as Lizzie and Luke. This late development makes the film more interesting, but it would have been beneficial to explore these aspects earlier on. Additionally, the destination wedding and its setting in Florida could have been better utilized as a central element, rather than feeling like a mere backdrop.

Representation and Strong Performances

Despite its shortcomings, The Plus One deserves credit for its predominantly Black cast. It is refreshing to see representation in a genre that often prioritizes white actors in leading roles. The performances, particularly those of Michelle Hurd and Cedric the Entertainer as Lizzie’s parents, are believable and stand out. The chemistry between the characters, especially in group scenes, adds a certain charm to the film. The comedic timing and delivery of jokes are also commendable, although the presence of overused tropes and overplayed comedy diminishes their impact.

Underwhelming and Lacks Lasting Impression

In the crowded landscape of romantic comedies centered around weddings, The Plus One struggles to distinguish itself. It quickly becomes underwhelming and fails to maintain its comedic and relevant appeal as the plot unfolds. While the actors’ chemistry and comedic timing are notable, they cannot compensate for a weak script and plot that fail to leave a lasting impression. If you’re seeking an entertaining rom-com experience, it might be best to explore other options.

The Plus One is set to release in US theaters on September 29, 2023, and will be available on digital and on-demand platforms on October 3.

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