Super Mario Maker Players Achieve Unbeatable Level Before Server Shutdown

Super Mario Maker players conquer a once thought to be unbeatable level just days before the servers shut down. The dedicated Team 0% showcases their remarkable achievement in completing the challenging level, adding an extra layer of significance to their triumph. Discover the inspiring collaboration within the community and the determination of these players. Don’t miss out on this heartwarming story!

Super Mario Maker Players Achieve Unbeatable Level Before Server Shutdown

Super Mario Maker players have achieved the seemingly impossible by conquering a fan-made level that was once thought to be unbeatable for mere mortals. This triumphant feat comes just two days before Nintendo shuts down the servers, adding an extra layer of significance to the accomplishment.

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A dedicated group of gamers known as Team 0% has been on a mission to complete every single Mario Maker level before the servers are permanently shut down. However, they encountered a major obstacle when they encountered the game’s most challenging level: Trimming the Herbs. This particular stage is a mere 17 seconds long but demands incredibly precise reflexes.

After a mind-boggling 280,000 attempts, the community discovered that Trimming the Herbs had been uploaded with tool-assisted speedrun techniques, allowing its creator to publish the stage without actually beating it themselves. This revelation meant that Team 0% had technically completed all the humanly possible levels in Super Mario Maker weeks earlier.

Nevertheless, a few determined players were not deterred and decided to take on the seemingly impossible challenge. Team 0% shared a video clip (included below) from player sanyx91smm2’s live stream, showcasing an astonishing 13-second run through Trimming the Herbs. The player’s reaction of disbelief for a full minute afterwards perfectly captures the magnitude of their achievement.

This remarkable display of reflexes and the heartwarming collaboration within the community is truly inspiring. With the completion of Trimming the Herbs, Team 0% has proudly declared that “Super Mario Maker is complete” and will now shift their focus to conquering the sequel on the Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, the rush to finish every single Super Mario Maker level was necessitated by Nintendo’s decision to shut down the servers for the 3DS and Wii U consoles. This shutdown, scheduled for April 8, will result in the permanent loss of online functionality for games such as Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Pokemon X/Y. The closure of the digital storefronts for both platforms earlier dealt a devastating blow to game preservation efforts.

As the final hours tick away, fans of Animal Crossing and Mario are flocking to their beloved games on the 3DS and Wii U, cherishing their last moments of online play before the servers go silent. It’s a bittersweet farewell to these cherished titles and a reminder of the impermanence of online gaming experiences.

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