Road House (2024): A Chaotic Reimagining That Falls Short

Read our review of the 2024 reimagining of ‘Road House’ that attempts to capture the spirit of the 1989 classic but ultimately falls short due to its inconsistent tone, lackluster CGI, and underdeveloped character dynamics.

Road House (2024): A Chaotic Reimagining That Falls Short

The 2024 reimagining of ‘Road House’ attempts to capture the spirit of the 1989 Patrick Swayze classic but ultimately falls short. While the film initially embraces its B-movie throwback aesthetic, it loses its way as it takes itself too seriously, resulting in ridiculous twists, awkward line readings, and subpar fight CGI. However, amidst the chaos, Jake Gyllenhaal delivers an entertaining performance that unfortunately gets overshadowed by the film’s shortcomings.

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The story centers around Elwood Dalton (Gyllenhaal), a fallen-from-grace figure who is renowned for his physical prowess and intimidating presence. After being approached by Frankie (Jessica Williams), the owner of a struggling roadhouse in Glass Key, Florida, Dalton becomes her bouncer to protect her establishment from local troublemakers. However, the violence in Frankie’s bar turns out to be more than just rowdy patrons, involving a powerful real estate player named Ben Brandt (Billy Magnussen) who wants to shut down the operation.

Underdeveloped Character Dynamics and Lackluster CGI

One of the film’s weaknesses lies in its underdeveloped character dynamics, particularly in the relationship between Dalton and Ellie (Daniela Melchior), a doctor he meets at the hospital. Their connection feels forced and lacks the passion that would have been present in ’80s movies, leaving their interaction feeling flat and uninspiring.

Moreover, the film’s overall tone fails to create the necessary tactile experience. For a movie set in the sweltering Florida Keys, the audience should be able to feel the heat, impact, and intensity of the action. Unfortunately, the CGI-heavy fight sequences feel artificial and detached, resembling video game cut scenes rather than realistic encounters. The use of CGI becomes even more noticeable during extended fight sequences, such as a bar brawl and a boat sequence, where the flaws are glaringly apparent.

Conor McGregor’s Fascinating and Perplexing Performance

Adding to the film’s mixed bag of performances is Conor McGregor as Knox, a sociopathic character who injects some much-needed energy into the latter half of the movie. McGregor’s portrayal is both fascinating and perplexing, with his exaggerated grin and over-the-top mannerisms resembling a weigh-in performance. It is unclear whether McGregor’s awkward line readings are intentional or a result of his inexperience in film acting, leaving viewers to debate the true nature of his performance.

Imbalance in Performances and Failure to Strike a Satisfying Balance

The disjointed nature of the performances reflects the overall quality of the film. Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of Dalton as a Zen-like fighter contrasts sharply with the exaggerated performances of Magnussen and McGregor, creating a jarring imbalance. While ’80s movies often featured grounded heroes and exaggerated villains, this new iteration of ‘Road House’ fails to strike a satisfying balance between the two.

Conclusion: A Missed Opportunity for a Sweaty, Grounded, and Urgent Experience

Ultimately, this reimagining of ‘Road House’ misses the mark. Its attempts to capture the charm and nostalgia of ’80s movies are hindered by its inconsistent tone, lackluster CGI, and underdeveloped character dynamics. Despite Jake Gyllenhaal’s enjoyable performance, the film falls into the realm of cartoonish insanity rather than delivering the sweaty, grounded, and urgent experience it aimed for.

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