Preconceived: A Revealing Documentary on the Impact of Anti-Abortion Businesses

Discover the deceptive practices of crisis pregnancy centers and the consequences of anti-abortion businesses in the thought-provoking documentary ‘Preconceived.’ Unveiling the manipulation and emotional tactics used to dissuade women from choosing abortion, this film sheds light on the broader implications of abortion laws and the importance of protecting reproductive rights.

Unveiling the Deceptive Nature of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

In their thought-provoking documentary “Preconceived,” directors Sabrine Keane and Kate Dumke shed light on the proliferation and consequences of anti-abortion businesses by sharing the stories of two women who encountered crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).

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The film delves into the deceptive practices employed by crisis pregnancy centers, which present themselves as abortion clinics but aim to discourage women from pursuing the procedure.

Through the stories of Maleeha, a Pakistani woman, and Maria, a young mother from a Catholic family, the documentary explores how these centers manipulate information, perpetuate misinformation, and emotionally manipulate women to dissuade them from choosing abortion.

An Intimate Perspective

The strength of the documentary lies in its intimate portrayal of Maleeha and Maria’s experiences, offering viewers a personal connection to the subject matter.

Maleeha’s story provides hindsight and clarity, as she eventually had an abortion and later had a child when she was ready.

However, it would have been valuable to include another subject closer to Maria’s age who, despite counseling from a crisis center, still chose to have an abortion. This would have provided insight into the emotions and challenges faced by young mothers who exercise their right to choose, despite societal pressures.

Broadening the Perspective

The filmmakers provide a comprehensive view of crisis pregnancy centers, pro-life organizations, and actual abortion clinics through interviews with representatives from Stanton Healthcare, Heartbeat International, and Hope Medical Group for Women.

By allowing these interviewees to speak for themselves, the documentary uncovers the web of deceit surrounding crisis pregnancy centers and the contradictions within the broader pro-life movement.

The film highlights how abortion has become a proxy war for ideological anxieties and how it hinders access to better care and resources for young, poor mothers.

Concrete Implications of Abortion Laws

“Preconceived” successfully bridges the gap between the abstract nature of abortion laws and their real-life implications.

By focusing on crisis pregnancy centers, the documentary presents a tangible example of how the erosion of abortion rights jeopardizes the well-being of parents and their newborns.

It highlights the need to protect the “potentiality of human life” while also ensuring the welfare of individuals facing difficult decisions regarding their reproductive health.


In a time when the right to abortion is increasingly under threat, “Preconceived” serves as a clarifying investigation into the tactics employed by crisis pregnancy centers and the impact of anti-abortion businesses.

Through personal stories and expert interviews, the documentary exposes the deception, manipulation, and harm caused by these centers.

It underscores the importance of understanding the broader implications of abortion laws and the necessity of protecting reproductive rights for the well-being of individuals and families.

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