Persona 3 Reload Remake Confirms No Female Protagonist Addition

Persona 3 Reload remake will not include a female protagonist, despite fan disappointment. The decision was based on development challenges and costs. Modders are working on an unofficial PC mod to play as the female character, Kotone Shiomi.

Persona 3 Reload Remake Confirms No Female Protagonist Addition

In a recent interview with Famitsu, general producer Kazuhisa Wada addressed the disappointment surrounding the absence of the female playable character, Kotone Shiomi, in Persona 3 Reload. Wada confirmed that there is “no chance” of adding a female protagonist to the game.

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Persona 3 Reload, a highly anticipated RPG remake, was met with praise upon its release last month. However, fans were quick to point out that certain content introduced in Persona 3 FES and Portable was missing from the remake. This included the character Kotone Shiomi and the additional epilogue content known as “The Answer.”

While Persona 3 Reload was marketed as a faithful remake of the original Persona 3, the omission of these additions left some fans feeling like they were missing out on the definitive experience. To add to the disappointment, an expansion pass for Persona 3 Reload was recently announced, but it only included the epilogue content from FES, with no mention of Kotone.

In the interview, Wada explained that the decision to exclude Kotone was not taken lightly. The development team considered adding her during the remake’s development, but they faced significant challenges. Wada mentioned that incorporating Kotone would have required extensive development time and cost “several times as much” as the epilogue content. He also emphasized that the Persona team is committed to working on both remakes and new projects.

Although the official addition of Kotone as a playable character is now out of the question, dedicated modders have taken it upon themselves to make it possible to play as Kotone in the PC version of Persona 3 Reload. While still a work in progress, these modders have changed the character model to Kotone’s and modified the UI to reflect the pink palette seen in Persona 3 Portable. They are also making changes to gendered dialogue throughout the story to enhance the experience for players.

While this unofficial mod is not the same as an official inclusion, it provides an alternative for players who wish to experience Persona 3 Reload with Kotone as the protagonist. However, console players will not have access to this mod and will have to rely on the original game’s content.

In conclusion, despite the hopes of fans, Persona 3 Reload will not be adding a female protagonist. The decision was based on the challenges and costs associated with incorporating Kotone into the game. However, modders are working diligently to provide an alternative experience for PC players who wish to play as Kotone. Whether or not this will satisfy fans who desired a definitive version of Persona 3 Reload remains to be seen.

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