Overwatch 2 Midseason Patch: Roster Adjustments and Balance Changes

The Overwatch 2 team is making roster adjustments in the upcoming midseason patch to ensure all heroes feel viable. Damage heroes will have a new passive ability, while support and tank heroes receive buffs and adjustments for better balance. Get ready for a more exciting and balanced gameplay experience!

Overwatch 2 Midseason Patch: Roster Adjustments and Balance Changes

The Overwatch 2 team is hard at work tweaking the playable heroes in the upcoming midseason patch. According to a recent blog post by director Aaron Keller, roughly half of the heroes in the roster will be receiving adjustments to ensure that all heroes feel viable.

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One of the major changes that has been implemented is a new passive ability for Damage heroes. This ability allows them to reduce the healing of their foes by 20% for a duration of two seconds. While this change was intended to push Damage heroes to the forefront of fights and increase their eliminations, Keller admits that it may have been pushed a bit too far.

To address this, the team is now making adjustments to various heroes to achieve a better balance. For example, Ana, the medic sniper, will have her grenade’s damage and healing buffed from 60 to 90, giving her more self-survivability. Lifeweaver, another support hero, will also receive a healing boost, with his maximum heal increasing from 70 to 90.

In addition to these support heroes, tanks Doomfist and Mauga will enjoy damage buffs to make them more effective in battles. However, Wrecking Ball will have to wait until Season 10 for a small rework.

The midseason update for Overwatch 2 Season 9 is set to release on March 12, bringing with it a range of changes both big and small. The goal is to ensure that all heroes feel viable and that the game remains balanced and enjoyable for players.

Overwatch 2 Esports Scene Making a Comeback

In other news, the esports scene for Overwatch 2 is making a comeback, albeit in a different manner than before. The recent layoffs at Microsoft’s gaming division have unfortunately affected the Overwatch 2 team, but they are still dedicated to delivering a great gaming experience.

One former Overwatch 2 developer shed some light on the challenges faced by the team, describing the script as looking like “every subway map in the world layered over each other.” Despite these challenges, the team is committed to addressing any jankiness and delivering a polished and enjoyable game.


Overall, the Overwatch 2 team is working hard to make roster adjustments and ensure that all heroes feel viable in the upcoming midseason patch. Players can look forward to a more balanced and exciting gameplay experience when the update arrives on March 12.

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