Jimmy Kimmel to Host Oscars for the Fourth Time: What to Expect

Jimmy Kimmel is set to host the Oscars for the fourth time, bringing his steady hand and familiar face to the prestigious awards ceremony. With his ability to strike a balance between respect and disrespect, Kimmel aims to create a memorable experience for viewers and attendees. Find out what he has to say about the upcoming show, his approach to politics, and his hopes for unexpected winners.

Jimmy Kimmel: A Familiar Face at the Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel is set to host the Oscars for the fourth time, solidifying his role as the steady hand and familiar face of the prestigious awards ceremony. With only three other hosts, Bob Hope, Billy Crystal, and Johnny Carson, having hosted more times than him, Kimmel has proven himself to be adept at navigating the challenges that come with emceeing the Oscars.

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After hosting the 2017 and 2018 ceremonies, Kimmel witnessed the Oscars experiment with going hostless and then with a trio of hosts. However, he returned last year to restore order after the Will Smith incident, showcasing his ability to strike a balance that many others have struggled to achieve.

Creating Memorable Oscars Experiences

In a recent interview, Kimmel emphasized the importance of bringing both respect and disrespect to the proceedings, ensuring that the viewers and attendees have a memorable experience. As he prepares for this year’s show, he juggles his responsibilities at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with the Oscars preparations. His wife, Molly McNearney, who is an executive producer on the broadcast, also contributes to the discussions surrounding the event.

Despite the pressure that comes with hosting such a high-profile event, Kimmel remains calm, although he cannot speak for everyone else involved. Reflecting on his avowed nemesis, Matt Damon, being part of the film “Oppenheimer,” which is a strong contender for Best Picture, Kimmel finds delight in Damon being left out of the Oscar festivities. He humorously compares Damon’s situation to being the only kid in class not invited to a birthday party.

Finding Comedy in the Nominated Films

Kimmel acknowledges that having two major films like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” nominated makes his job easier. When no one has seen the movies, it becomes challenging to create relevant jokes or references. However, with these prominent nominations, Kimmel has found good angles to work with, including their use in the promotional material for the show.

As this year’s Oscars coincide with an election year and ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, Kimmel is asked if he expects to be more political. While he acknowledges the possibility of making a joke or two about these topics, he believes that the focus of the Oscars should not be on politics. He aims to strike a balance and not invoke the name of a certain individual who shall not be named.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Approach to Hosting

When asked about the appeal of hosting the Oscars, Kimmel highlights the fleeting nature of his day job and how the Oscars offer a sense of permanence. Being part of the Oscars, an event that has a 96-year history, holds a special significance for him. He acknowledges that hosting four times is already a solid achievement and doesn’t presume he will be asked to do it again.

Kimmel also reveals that he has a tradition of stealing an Oscar each year, usually from the animated short category. He humorously mentions that he tells the winners he will return the stolen Oscar but never actually does. He now has three Oscars and looks forward to adding a fourth to his collection.

Reflecting on Past Hosting Experiences

Reflecting on his past hosting experiences, Kimmel shares that he has learned not to put too much effort into pre-taped comedy bits as they often receive a minimal response. He acknowledges that many people believe these bits contribute to the show’s length, but he assures that they are mainly used to reset the stage and transition between segments. He has mostly given up on them.

While there are still surprises to come at this year’s Oscars, Kimmel expresses his hope for memorable speeches and unexpected winners. He believes that these moments make for a great show and enjoys the opportunity to witness lesser-known individuals make their mark on the stage.

Family and Future of Hosting

Kimmel’s wife, Molly McNearney, plays an integral role in the Oscars preparations, and their involvement in decision-making has increased this year. This has its ups and downs, as it becomes a topic of discussion in their household every day. Kimmel also shares that his family is excited about him hosting the Oscars, and the event turns into a mini family reunion with his parents, siblings, children, and cousins attending. They provide feedback on the audience’s reactions, adding to the overall experience.

As Kimmel approaches his fourth time hosting the Oscars, he reflects on the possibility that this might be his last. He acknowledges that being a mainstay like Bob Hope may lead to people taking him for granted and resenting him quickly. Despite this, he is grateful for the opportunity and looks forward to the show, knowing that he will always have the memories of being part of the Oscars.

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