How Nell Tiger Free’s Role in ‘Servant’ Prepared Her for ‘The First Omen’

Nell Tiger Free credits her role in ‘Servant’ for helping her transition seamlessly into the world of ‘The First Omen’. Find out how her experience in the creepy Apple TV+ series prepared her for the horror prequel. Discover the challenges she faced and the skills she learned as an actress.

How Nell Tiger Free’s Role in ‘Servant’ Prepared Her for ‘The First Omen’

Nell Tiger Free, star of ‘The First Omen,’ believes that her previous role in the creepy Apple TV+ series ‘Servant’ helped her prepare for the horror prequel. In an interview with GamesRadar+, she shared how the experience on ‘Servant’ contributed to her performance in ‘The First Omen’ and how both projects demanded a lot from her as an actress.

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Free explained that her role in ‘Servant’ as a religious young woman caught in a mysterious and tense situation helped her transition seamlessly into the world of ‘The First Omen.’ While the plotlines of the two projects differ significantly, she found that the skills she learned from ‘Servant’ were transferable to the horror prequel.

The Chilling Plot of ‘The First Omen’

‘The First Omen,’ set in 1971, follows Margaret, a novice who moves from the US to Italy to embark on a life of Catholic servitude. Unbeknownst to her, Margaret becomes entangled in a diabolical plot to bring about the Antichrist. As the story unfolds, Margaret makes a horrifying discovery – she is pregnant with what appears to be the devil’s spawn.

The Intense Scenes and Challenges in ‘The First Omen’

Free admitted that she was taken aback by the level of violence depicted in ‘The First Omen,’ particularly when she watched the finished film for the first time. She recalled a particularly intense scene in which her character undergoes a caesarean section, describing it as visceral and difficult to watch. Free confessed that seeing herself in that scene was challenging, knowing the thoughts going through her character’s mind throughout the process.

Co-star Bill Nighy, who portrays Cardinal Lawrence, shared an amusing anecdote from the set. He recounted a scene where he was supposed to vomit blood near Free’s character, but due to Free’s unexpected movement, he accidentally vomited blood all over her face. Despite the mishap, both actors found the incident hilarious and a testament to the dedication of the cast and crew.


Nell Tiger Free acknowledged the invaluable experience she gained from her role in ‘Servant’ in preparing her for the demands of ‘The First Omen.’ While the projects may differ in plot, both required her to immerse herself in fictional worlds filled with tension, dread, and mystery. ‘The First Omen’ is now in theaters, offering audiences a chilling prequel to the iconic ‘Omen’ franchise.

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