Girls State: A Glimpse into the Ambitious Future of Female Leadership

A documentary highlighting the Girls State program, where high school girls engage in a week-long simulation of government and politics, showcasing their diverse perspectives and passion for making a difference.

The Ambitious Future of Female Leadership

Imagine a United States with an all-female or majority female government. While this may still be a fantasy, a new documentary titled ‘Girls State’ offers a glimpse into the ambitions and potential of high school students participating in the Girls State program. Available on Apple TV+, this captivating film explores the experiences of young women as they engage in a week-long simulation of government and politics, showcasing their diverse perspectives and their eagerness to make a difference in the world.

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Directed by Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss, who previously captured the Boys State camp in Texas, ‘Girls State’ shines a spotlight on the girls’ counterpart. The film takes us to Missouri, where we follow several midwestern teenagers during a pivotal week. This session coincides with the leaking of a draft Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a highly debated issue among the participants.

Diverse Perspectives and Engaging Debates

‘Girls State’ highlights the wide range of perspectives within the program. Even within a single lunch table discussion, we witness different sides of the abortion debate being represented. Some girls firmly support a woman’s right to choose, while others hold opposing viewpoints regarding the government’s role in such matters. The film also explores conversations about gun rights, with participants expressing varying opinions on constitutional protection and the potential dangers associated with easy access to firearms. Despite these differences, the girls value the opportunity to express themselves and listen to others.

Main Characters and Backgrounds

In ‘Girls State,’ McBaine and Moss deliberately select main characters from diverse backgrounds and with contrasting viewpoints. We meet a city girl from St. Louis who identifies as liberal, a former conservative who has recently started disagreeing with her family’s beliefs, a moderate conservative advocating for bipartisanship, and a Black girl who wonders if she is the first Black person some of the others have encountered. These characters bring a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives to the film, providing a microcosm of American teenagers.

Fighting for Equality

One of the most compelling storylines in ‘Girls State’ emerges from a discussion about the Boys State program, which is taking place on the same campus. The girls become disheartened upon hearing rumors of unequal funding and less focus on substantive matters for the boys. Additionally, they notice discrepancies in how they are treated, such as being reprimanded for their clothing choices while questioning if the boys receive similar lectures. In response, one girl takes it upon herself to investigate these alleged inequities, sparking a movement for equality.

The Future of Politics and Democracy

While the Girls State program represents a specific subset of motivated teenagers, it raises questions about their future involvement in politics and policy-making. Will these young individuals continue to show interest in governance and possess the ambition to effect change as they mature into voting adults? The hope is that their passion and drive for making a difference will persist, ultimately benefiting democracy as a whole.


‘Girls State’ provides a captivating glimpse into the aspirations and potentials of young women participating in the Girls State program. Through their engaging debates, diverse perspectives, and commitment to equality, these teenagers demonstrate a genuine interest in shaping the future of politics. As they grow into voting adults and enter the workforce, their continued engagement in politics and policy-making will be crucial for a thriving democracy.

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