Film Review: Three (2024) by Nayla Al Khaja

Discover Nayla Al Khaja’s captivating directorial debut in the possession and exorcism genre. With its cultural authenticity, engaging storyline, and strong performances, Three breathes new life into the genre.

Film Review: Three (2024) by Nayla Al Khaja

In the realm of possession and exorcism genres, Arabic lands have a deep-rooted connection, although this may not be obvious to all. Films like William Friedkin’s ‘The Exorcist’ and Scott Derrickson’s ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ have explored the concept of evil originating from the Middle East, even if the action eventually shifts to the United States. With ‘Three,’ the first feature-length film by Nayla Al Khaja, the first female director from the United Arab Emirates, this genre takes a unique turn as it delves into the fertile ground of the Middle East.

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The film begins with a series of peculiar incidents that capture the attention of the protagonist. As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that an ancient curse has been unleashed, leading to a battle against the forces of evil. Nayla Al Khaja skillfully weaves a tale that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, offering a fresh perspective on the well-worn path of possession and exorcism films.

‘Three’ stands out not only for its engaging storyline but also for its cultural authenticity. The film embraces the rich traditions and beliefs of the Middle East, adding depth and nuance to the narrative. Through stunning cinematography and meticulous attention to detail, Al Khaja brings the setting to life, immersing the audience in a world where ancient superstitions collide with modern-day realities.

Compelling Performances and Authenticity

One of the film’s greatest strengths lies in its performances. The cast delivers compelling portrayals, capturing the internal struggles and external manifestations of the characters’ encounters with evil. Each actor brings a unique energy to their role, creating a sense of authenticity that draws viewers into the story.

Furthermore, ‘Three’ showcases Nayla Al Khaja’s talent as a director. Her skillful direction is evident in the film’s pacing, which keeps the suspense building throughout. She masterfully balances moments of quiet introspection with intense and chilling sequences, creating a gripping viewing experience.

A Fresh Perspective on Possession and Exorcism

While the possession and exorcism genre may be familiar to many, ‘Three’ offers a fresh perspective that sets it apart. Nayla Al Khaja’s directorial debut is a testament to her creativity and passion for storytelling. By exploring the genre within the context of the Middle East, she brings a unique cultural perspective that adds depth and authenticity to the film.

In conclusion, ‘Three’ is a captivating film that breathes new life into the possession and exorcism genre. Nayla Al Khaja’s directorial debut showcases her talent and offers a fresh perspective on this well-established genre. With its cultural authenticity, engaging storyline, and strong performances, ‘Three’ is a must-watch for fans of the genre and those seeking a unique cinematic experience.

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