Conquering the Elusive Final Challenge in Super Mario Maker

As the Wii U servers approach closure, a dedicated group of Super Mario Maker fans known as Team 0% are on a mission to conquer every level before they disappear. Among the final challenges is the legendary stage ‘Trimming the Herbs,’ which has remained unbeaten since 2017. Will Team 0% succeed in overcoming this ultimate test of skill and perseverance?

Conquering the Elusive Final Challenge in Super Mario Maker

As the countdown to the closure of the Wii U servers on April 8th approaches, dedicated Super Mario Maker fans are on a mission to conquer every level before they disappear into the digital abyss. With the ability to upload new stages disabled in 2021, there is a vast collection of user-created levels awaiting completion. Team 0%, a loosely organized group, has taken up the challenge to ensure that no level is left unbeaten.

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Initially faced with 178 remaining levels, Team 0% has made remarkable progress, leaving just nine formidable challenges standing. Among these final hurdles lies a stage called ‘Trimming the Herbs,’ which has remained unconquered since its upload in 2017. Notably, it is the oldest unbeaten level and the sole creation not originating from Japan. The only person to have successfully completed this level is its Canadian creator, Ahoyo, who shared their triumph in a video on YouTube.

The Deceptive Simplicity of ‘Trimming the Herbs’

Observing the video, one might assume that Trimming the Herbs is not overly difficult. Spanning a mere 17 seconds, it appears deceptively manageable, even for players unfamiliar with highly challenging Mario levels. However, the members of Team 0% have come to appreciate the true magnitude of this seemingly innocuous level.

Upon closer examination, Mario’s precise movements reveal a series of intricate actions. Notice how he drops and grabs the Bob-ombs repeatedly? Each drop and subsequent grab must be executed flawlessly within a single frame, allowing for a mere 1/60th of a second to input the correct commands. Surprisingly, some players argue that this aspect is not even the most arduous part of the challenge. The real test lies in maintaining absolute control over Mario’s momentum while flawlessly executing the precise inputs.

The Unconquered Legend: Trimming the Herbs

The fan tracker, ‘Is Super Mario Maker Beaten Yet?,’ indicates that there have been a staggering 43,004 attempts to conquer Trimming the Herbs. However, it is important to note that this number may not accurately reflect the total attempts, as the tracker’s updates can be delayed. Despite this, Team 0% remains determined to overcome the final levels before the impending shutdown on April 8th. Nevertheless, Trimming the Herbs poses as the ultimate final boss, testing the skills and perseverance of even the most skilled players.

While the Wii U servers are set to shut down in 2024, Super Mario Maker enthusiasts have already begun constructing alternative platforms to preserve the spirit of the game. These dedicated fans have spent years building their own replacements, ensuring that the creativity and challenges of Super Mario Maker will continue to thrive in the years to come.

Who Will Rise to the Challenge?

In the world of Super Mario Maker, Trimming the Herbs stands as an unconquered legend, captivating the attention of players around the globe. As Team 0% approaches the finish line of their monumental quest, the question remains: Who will rise to the challenge and emerge victorious, solidifying their place in Super Mario Maker history?

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