Benedict Wong and Liam Cunningham Bring Yin-Yang Energy to Netflix’s 3 Body Problem

Benedict Wong and Liam Cunningham team up in Netflix’s 3 Body Problem, bringing a unique dynamic to the story as scientists face an impending alien invasion. Wong and Cunningham discuss their characters’ rapport and the intriguing mysteries surrounding them.

Benedict Wong and Liam Cunningham: Yin-Yang Energy in 3 Body Problem

Netflix’s highly anticipated adaptation of Liu Cixin’s book The Three-Body Problem, titled 3 Body Problem, introduces a unique twist to the mystery/thriller genre by placing scientists as the heroes of the story. Benedict Wong and Liam Cunningham bring their distinct voices and styles to the series, creating a captivating yin-yang dynamic.

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Wong and Cunningham’s characters, Da Shi and Thomas Wade, form an unlikely yet effective duo. Da Shi, played by Wong, is a calm and empathetic ‘people person’ who excels at building trust with the scientists they encounter. In contrast, Cunningham’s Wade is a morally ambiguous and well-connected figure, always having a solution for any obstacle they face.

During an interview, Wong and Cunningham expressed their enthusiasm for their characters’ rapport. Wong praised their strong character chemistry, while Cunningham described them as unlikely allies who bring a perfect balance of efficiency and scheming to the table.

Casting Benedict Wong and Liam Cunningham in 3 Body Problem

It’s interesting to note that this is the first time Wong and Cunningham have been cast opposite each other, despite their involvement in similar projects in the past. The showrunners specifically envisioned them in these roles, and both actors were relieved and excited once they received their scripts and saw the potential in their characters.

Wong shared his initial surprise when he realized the character description closely resembled his own background, leading him to feel immediately drawn to the project. Cunningham, on the other hand, received an unexpected phone call from the showrunners, diverting him from another major project he was about to sign onto.

Da Shi and Thomas Wade: Grounding Forces in 3 Body Problem

As 3 Body Problem delves into complex scientific concepts and theories, Da Shi and Wade serve as the grounding force, providing clear and actionable steps to prepare for the impending threat. Their dynamic is reminiscent of characters from John le Carré novels or modern noir films, a comparison Cunningham finds fitting.

Wong drew inspiration from the likes of Columbo and Liam Gallagher to shape Da Shi’s persona, while Cunningham emphasized Wade’s enigmatic quality, highlighting his connections to powerful figures and his ability to acquire resources seemingly out of thin air.

Mysteries Surrounding Da Shi and Thomas Wade

Throughout the series, Wade remains shrouded in mystery, leaving the audience with more questions than answers. Cunningham highlighted Wade’s enigmatic nature and the audience’s curiosity about his true motives and how he managed to secure his position of influence.

In the season finale, titled ‘Wallfacer,’ the mysteries surrounding both Da Shi and Wade persist. Wade is visited by a projection of Sophon, a Trisolaran representative, who ominously promises him a place in their regime and no escape until his death. Meanwhile, Da Shi takes two surviving scientists on a road trip to a Florida swamp, aiming to rejuvenate their spirits.

Benedict Wong and Liam Cunningham’s Impact in 3 Body Problem

Benedict Wong and Liam Cunningham’s performances in 3 Body Problem bring a captivating yin-yang energy to the series. Their characters’ unique partnership and individual strengths make them integral to the story’s progression. As the show explores the depths of science and human resilience, Da Shi and Wade remain intriguing enigmas, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting further revelations in future seasons.

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