Apples Never Fall: A Gripping Tale of a Missing Woman and Society’s Failure to Value Women

Peacock’s latest series, ‘Apples Never Fall,’ starring Annette Bening, explores the complexities of intergenerational trauma and the undervaluing of women in society through the lens of a missing woman. A powerful commentary on the invisible labor and sacrifices made by women, it serves as a reminder to appreciate and recognize their contributions.

Apples Never Fall: A Gripping Tale of a Missing Woman and Society’s Failure to Value Women

In the world of television, the portrayal of missing and dead women is a common trope, often used to drive the plot forward. However, Peacock’s latest series, ‘Apples Never Fall,’ takes a fresh approach to this narrative device. Starring the talented Annette Bening as Joy Delaney, the matriarch of a tennis-obsessed family, the show delves into the complexities of intergenerational trauma and the disturbing possibility that her husband may be involved in her disappearance. Through the perspectives of her children, we are given a glimpse into Joy’s character and the ways in which she was taken for granted by those closest to her.

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Although Joy is physically absent for most of the series, her presence is strongly felt through the flashbacks and memories of her family. She is depicted as the rock of the family, the one who held everything together, yet remained invisible to those who relied on her. Her children express gratitude for her unwavering support, but it becomes evident that they failed to appreciate her while she was present. A heartbreaking revelation occurs when it is revealed that on the day of her disappearance, Joy reached out to each of her children, only to be met with silence. This poignant moment highlights the loneliness she endured, and her attachment to Savanah, a character who offers her the care and attention her own family neglected to provide.

A Reflection of Society’s Failure

‘Apples Never Fall’ goes beyond being a mere missing-woman mystery. It serves as a powerful commentary on the ways in which society fails women, both in significant and subtle ways. Based on a book by Liane Moriarty, known for her work on ‘Big Little Lies,’ the series explores the theme of undervalued women. Despite Joy’s role in saving her children and her unwavering love for them, they fail to truly value her contributions. She has dedicated herself to her family, sacrificing her own well-being, yet remains unseen. Even her accomplishments as a competitive tennis player and her role in running the club are overshadowed by her husband’s career. The cast skillfully portrays this tension, making it relatable and emotionally charged.

Setting and Characterization

The show’s setting reflects the characters’ privileges and flaws, with a Miami backdrop of tennis courts, country clubs, boats, and fancy cars. The Delaney home, while not overly luxurious, feels lived-in and slightly cluttered, providing a hiding place for their secrets. This aesthetic reinforces the respectability they strive to project and the self-perception they hold. Each sibling’s home reflects their arrested development, from Troy’s spacious modern abode to Amy’s shared bungalow, Logan’s nautical practicality, and Brooke’s well-lit coziness. These elements, combined with a smart script and editing, contribute to the show’s layered storytelling.

Annette Bening’s Captivating Performance

Annette Bening’s portrayal of Joy Delaney is nothing short of captivating. Despite her character’s physical absence, Bening ensures that Joy never fades from the narrative. She exudes power, vulnerability, and introspection, allowing us to witness a flawed yet dynamic woman who finds contentment in her choices, even if not in her current stage of life. Bening’s remarkable talent shines through, showcasing Joy’s warmth and resilience, even as others overlook her accomplishments. This portrayal serves as a reminder to respect and value the mothers, women, and adults who protected us when we were unable to protect ourselves.


‘Apples Never Fall’ is a gripping series that not only presents a compelling mystery but also delves into the societal issue of undervaluing women. Through the lens of Joy Delaney’s disappearance, the show sheds light on the invisible labor and sacrifices made by women, particularly mothers. It serves as a poignant reminder to appreciate and recognize the contributions of the women who have shaped our lives. As the series unfolds, it leaves viewers with a powerful message: to honor and respect the women who have played pivotal roles in our lives.

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