Adam Sandler Explores New Territory in ‘Spaceman’

Adam Sandler ventures into uncharted territory in ‘Spaceman,’ a drama directed by Johan Renck. The film follows Sandler’s character on a solo mission into space while he grapples with the state of his failing marriage and finds solace in an unlikely companion.

Adam Sandler Explores New Territory in ‘Spaceman’

Adam Sandler, known for his comedic roles, takes on a new challenge in the drama ‘Spaceman.’ Directed by Johan Renck, this film showcases Sandler’s versatility as he embarks on a solo mission into space. Departing from his usual comedic fare, Sandler delves into the introspective journey of his character, who grapples with the state of his failing marriage and finds solace in an unlikely companion.

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In ‘Spaceman,’ Sandler’s character, Jakub Prochazka, is a Czech cosmonaut nearing Jupiter. His mission is to explore the Chopra Cloud, a visually striking phenomenon that poses a threat to Earth. However, behind his public persona as a content astronaut, Jakub battles loneliness and sleepless nights due to a malfunctioning toilet. It is during his dreams that he encounters a small alien entity and later befriends a larger spider-like creature named Hanus.

Jakub’s Connection with Hanus

At first, Jakub is terrified of Hanus and attempts to harm the creature. However, Hanus calmly convinces Jakub that he means no harm. Not only can Hanus communicate with Jakub in his own language, but he also has the ability to replay moments from Jakub’s life. This newfound connection provides Jakub with much-needed companionship, especially as he becomes increasingly concerned about his deteriorating relationship with his wife, Lenka.

Lenka’s Message and Jakub’s Reflections

Lenka records a message for Jakub, informing him of her decision to leave him. However, the mission’s commissioner, played by Isabella Rossellini, withholds the message from Jakub. As Jakub interacts with Hanus, the creature helps him reflect on his past, including painful moments. The film keeps the audience guessing whether Hanus is real or a construct of Jakub’s mind, although this ambiguity is not the primary focus.

Performance and Direction

Adam Sandler has delivered strong dramatic performances in the past, but his portrayal of Jakub in ‘Spaceman’ falls short of expectations. Director Johan Renck, known for his exceptional work on ‘Chernobyl,’ fails to elevate the film to the same level. Despite the talent of Carey Mulligan, who plays Lenka, the film could have benefitted from more scenes featuring her character.


‘Spaceman’ offers a departure from Adam Sandler’s usual comedic roles, showcasing his range as an actor. However, the film falls short of being a truly engaging drama. While the concept and introspective journey of the protagonist hold promise, the execution lacks depth. The screenplay, adapted from Jaroslav Kalfař’s novel, keeps the audience guessing about the reality of Hanus but fails to explore this ambiguity effectively. Ultimately, ‘Spaceman’ may only appeal to viewers seeking a departure from Sandler’s typical comedic fare.

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