Upgraded: A Formulaic Rom-Com with a Glimpse of Passion

Upgraded is a romantic comedy that follows a familiar formula, but still manages to convey a sense of passion. Despite its cliches, the film explores themes of gender dynamics and the significance of success for women in a male-dominated world.

Upgraded: A Formulaic Rom-Com with a Glimpse of Passion

Romantic comedies have long been known for following a tried and tested formula. The latest addition to this genre, Upgraded, available on Prime Video, fails to bring anything new to the table despite its promising title. However, despite its cliches, the film still manages to exude a sense of passion and offers some generic joys.

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Directed by Carlson Young, Upgraded revolves around the classic meet-cute narrative. The film introduces us to Ana (Camila Mendes) and William (Archie Renaux), who cross paths on a flight from New York to London. Ana, lucky enough to have upgraded her economy ticket to business class, leads a modest life in a one-room apartment with her sister and fiancé, who are urging her to move out.

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Embracing Ana’s Passion: A Missed Opportunity

The opening scene of Upgraded features a close-up shot of an abstract painting that Ana describes as resembling a swan. Surprisingly, the film doesn’t mock this interpretation for humor’s sake. Instead, it embraces Ana’s passion without reducing it to a mere one-liner or situational joke. This dedication to Ana’s passion is commendable, but the film fails to explore it further, settling instead for a contrived happily ever after.

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The lack of emotional connection in this supposed love story is perhaps the biggest flaw. The overdone nature of such narratives and the lack of originality in the plot contribute to this weakness. The writing seems to struggle to find conflict to drive the story forward, resulting in forced and predictable conflicts that fail to blend seamlessly with the narrative.

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While Ana’s character drives the film forward, the rest of the characters lack inventiveness. For instance, the first two assistants of Ana’s boss, Claire (played by Marisa Tomei), feel like replicas of characters we have seen in countless other stories. They exist solely to make Ana’s life more difficult, and their contribution to the plot feels uninspired. This discrepancy in character development raises questions about the film’s identity as a romantic comedy and sidelines William’s character without reason.

Exploring Gender Dynamics: A Formulaic Approach

Despite its flaws, Upgraded does manage to touch upon the politics of camaraderie among women. It highlights the significance of success when women achieve it in a male-dominated world. This subtle exploration of gender dynamics could have elevated the film had it not been presented in such a formulaic manner. The central focus of the story lies in Ana’s love for her profession, yet romantic comedies often force the lead characters to fall in love. Shouldn’t love find its way naturally rather than being forced into the narrative? It is this aspect that deserves an upgrade the most.

Conclusion: A Missed Opportunity for Originality

In conclusion, Upgraded falls into the trap of following a formulaic approach to romantic comedies. While it may not bring anything new to the genre, it still manages to maintain a sense of passion and offers some familiar delights. With a more original plot and deeper exploration of its themes, Upgraded could have been a refreshing addition to the rom-com genre.

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