The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live – A Powerful Return for Rick and Michonne

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live marks the triumphant return of Rick Grimes and Michonne in a gripping mini-saga that showcases their resilience, explores the enigmatic CRM, and delivers superior storytelling and performances.

The Resilience of Michonne

Danai Gurira’s portrayal of Michonne is nothing short of revelatory in this miniseries. Her unwavering love for Rick serves as a powerful force against contrived plot devices. Michonne challenges clichés, whether it be characters avoiding crucial conversations or taking overly noble paths. Gurira’s performance breathes life into the character, smashing down tired storytelling conventions and providing a refreshing and authentic experience for viewers.

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Andrew Lincoln’s Shattered Rick

Andrew Lincoln delivers a stellar performance as the broken and traumatized Rick Grimes. His anguish becomes the driving force behind the narrative, addressing the burning question of why Rick never returned after his departure in the parent series. The Ones Who Live takes audiences on a journey through Rick’s agony, defeat, shame, and eventual transformation, providing a poignant exploration of his character. Lincoln’s portrayal showcases his dedication to the role and reminds us why Rick Grimes is such a beloved character.

Exploring the Enigmatic CRM

The Ones Who Live offers a captivating glimpse into the mysterious CRM (Civic Republic Military). While previous shows within The Walking Dead universe touched upon this organization, the absence of Rick’s story left many fans feeling frustrated. However, this miniseries finally delves into the CRM’s inner workings, shedding light on their motives and plans for the post-outbreak world. The inclusion of the CRM adds depth and intrigue to the overall narrative, elevating the show’s storytelling to new heights.

Superior Storytelling and Performances

The Walking Dead franchise has had its fair share of missteps in its later seasons, but The Ones Who Live demonstrates a return to form. Showrunner Scott Gimple, in collaboration with Danai Gurira, crafts a compelling story that focuses on the core relationship between Rick and Michonne. The directing duo, Bert & Bertie, bring a kinetic style to the series, capturing the characters’ emotional journey while maintaining the show’s heart and integrity. Additionally, the performances by Lincoln and Gurira are nothing short of exceptional, making this miniseries a must-watch for fans of the franchise.

A Love Story amidst Chaos

At its core, The Ones Who Live is a love story that transcends the bleakness of the post-apocalyptic world. Rick and Michonne’s fates are intertwined, representing the hope and resilience that define these dystopian series. The show explores themes of humanity’s next steps after everything falls apart, emphasizing the importance of small stories within the grand scheme of survival. The cast, including Craig Tate, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Terry O’Quinn, and Pollyanna McIntosh, all contribute significantly to the narrative, adding depth and complexity to the overall story.


The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is a powerful and worthwhile return to the franchise, showcasing the exceptional performances of Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira. The miniseries successfully justifies the characters’ departures from the parent series while providing an engaging and emotional narrative. With a focus on love, resilience, and the human spirit, The Ones Who Live proves to be a compelling addition to The Walking Dead universe. Fans, regardless of when they checked out from the original series, should not miss the opportunity to witness this captivating tale unfold.

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