Spider-Man Unlikely to Appear in Invincible Animated Series, Says Creator Robert Kirkman

Creator Robert Kirkman casts doubt on the possibility of Spider-Man appearing in the Invincible animated series, stating that the show will primarily focus on its own characters.

Spider-Man Unlikely to Appear in Invincible Animated Series, According to Creator Robert Kirkman

Fans of the Prime Video animated series Invincible may be disappointed to learn that Spider-Man is unlikely to make an appearance in the show, according to creator Robert Kirkman. In an interview for IGN Fan Fest, Kirkman cast doubt on the possibility of characters from other brands crossing over into the Invincible series.

Spider-Man Unlikely to Appear in Invincible Animated Series, Says Creator Robert Kirkman - -47095402

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Kirkman expressed his desire for a collaboration between Amazon, Disney, and Marvel, but stated that it is highly unlikely to happen. He clarified that his statement was not a tease, indicating that the Invincible show will primarily focus on its own characters.

While the Invincible comic book has previously featured crossovers with various famous superheroes and teams such as The Tick, Batman, The Avengers, and Spider-Man, it seems that the animated series will not follow suit.

Speculation Surrounding Spider-Man’s Potential Appearance in Invincible Animated Series

Speculation regarding Spider-Man’s potential appearance in Invincible gained traction when voice actor Josh Keaton confirmed his involvement in the show’s second season. Keaton, known for his portrayal of Spider-Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, hinted at his participation without revealing the character he voices in Invincible.

Character Arc of Omni-Man in Invincible Animated Series

Kirkman also discussed the character arc of Omni-Man, the show’s villainous character. He emphasized that Omni-Man is not an evil character, despite his heinous actions. Kirkman mentioned that Omni-Man’s journey will undergo significant development throughout the series, differentiating him from other “evil Supermen” such as Homelander from Amazon’s The Boys.

Progress of the Live-Action Invincible Movie

Regarding the progress of the live-action Invincible movie, Kirkman shared that it is still in the early stages. He jokingly suggested that by the time the movie is released, Steven Yeun, who voices the protagonist Mark in the animated series, may be better suited to play the character Cecil Stedman.

Kirkman acknowledged that the movie’s development was briefly halted due to industry strikes but assured fans that they are taking their time to ensure it is done right. The goal is for the movie to complement the animated series and showcase the coolness of the Invincible universe without detracting from the show’s success.

Anticipation for Invincible Season 2 Part 2 and the Future of the Series

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of Invincible Season 2 Part 2 on March 14, they can rest assured that the creators are committed to delivering an exceptional viewing experience. While Spider-Man may not be swinging into the show, there are undoubtedly plenty of thrilling moments and surprises in store for Invincible fans.

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