She’s Obsessed with My Husband: A Delightfully Campy and Outrageous Stalker Drama

Discover the wild ride of obsession, murder, and chaos in ‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband.’ This tongue-in-cheek Lifetime film embraces its sillier side while delivering a must-watch experience for fans of the genre.

She’s Obsessed with My Husband: A Delightfully Campy and Outrageous Stalker Drama

Lifetime continues its fascination with stalking this month with the release of ‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband.’ Written by David Chester and directed by Doug Campbell, this film takes a delightfully campy and outrageous approach to the genre. While it does stumble a bit in the third act by focusing too much on a less interesting character, overall, ‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband’ is a blast to watch.

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The movie begins with a gripping scene where Mason discovers his wife, Violet, looking at pictures of her high school sweetheart. This discovery leads to a confrontation that ends with Violet strangling Mason with his own tie. While it’s disappointing to learn that this isn’t a murder but rather a divorce, it sets the tone for the wild ride that follows.

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After a year, Violet moves in next door to Garrett, her former high school sweetheart. He is now happily married to Daisy, a book editor, and they have a teenage daughter, Allison. Violet wastes no time in trying to tear the couple apart, exploiting Daisy’s insecurities, financial difficulties, and even turning Allison against her mother.

But Violet’s plan takes an even darker turn when she enlists the help of a con artist named Oliver. Together, they defraud Daisy out of Allison’s college fund and poison Daisy’s boss to get her fired. The film descends into a chaotic tale of obsession, featuring murder, imprisonment, and knife fights on the front lawn.

What sets ‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband’ apart is its tongue-in-cheek approach. Violet frequently verbalizes her intentions, almost as if she’s speaking directly to the audience. The script also includes moments of self-awareness, such as Violet watching Daisy and Garrett’s intimate moments from her bedroom window or a music video-style montage of Violet masturbating while watching Garrett swim.

The film also embraces its sillier side with moments like Violet easily accessing the Hawkins’ bank accounts through a conveniently labeled folder on Daisy’s desk or her giant vision board of her and Garrett. The recurring tracking shots of Violet and later Allison half jogging from one house to another add to the absurdity but make it all the more enjoyable.

However, the film falters in the third act when it shifts the focus to Allison. While the actress does a fine job, Allison is the least interesting character, and the film loses some momentum until the climax. Thankfully, the ending is just as ridiculous and entertaining as the rest of the film.

‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband’ is a perfect blend of a ridiculous plot, campy dialogue, and suburban stalker drama. With its inspired direction, self-aware screenplay, and Alissa Filoramo’s dedicated performance as Violet, this film is a must-watch for fans of the genre. It’s no surprise that viewers will be eagerly anticipating a potential sequel.

‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband’ premieres on Lifetime on February 15 at 8pm EST.

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