Paul Dano discusses his unique role in the Netflix sci-fi film ‘Spaceman’

Paul Dano shares his enthusiasm for his peculiar role as an alien spider in the upcoming Netflix sci-fi movie ‘Spaceman’ alongside Adam Sandler. Dano delves into the character’s backstory and the film’s exploration of life, death, and love in the context of science fiction.

Paul Dano discusses his unique role in the Netflix sci-fi film ‘Spaceman’

Paul Dano, known for his diverse roles in films such as The Batman and Steven Spielberg’s dramas, is set to take on his most peculiar role yet in the upcoming Netflix sci-fi movie ‘Spaceman.’ In the film, Dano lends his voice to the character of Hanuš, an alien spider who has been hiding in the shadows of Adam Sandler’s spaceship.

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During an interview with GamesRadar+ and the Inside Total Film podcast, Dano expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating that he was immediately captivated by the concept. ‘I loved the idea and then I loved the execution of it too,’ he shared. ‘Just, you know, Adam Sandler alone on a spaceship talking to a giant spider, already you want to see it or want to read it.’

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Exploring the Unique Character of Hanuš

In ‘Spaceman,’ Dano’s character, Hanuš, is a creature from the end of time, drawn towards a connection with astronaut Jakub Procházka. As the two navigate their solitude at the edge of the galaxy, the film explores themes of life, death, and love through their meditations.

Dano found his character’s role fascinating, describing him as a ‘death doula’ and a Zen-like spirit guide who has witnessed the passage of time and traversed numerous galaxies. He appreciated that the film delved into the mysteries within ourselves, with science fiction providing the perfect backdrop for introspection. ‘You’re out here in space, but really you’re alone on the inside,’ Dano remarked.

Dano’s Approach to Portraying Hanuš

Known for his dedication to character development, Dano approached his role as Hanuš with meticulousness, albeit in a slightly different manner than usual. He took everything about the character at face value, believing that playing someone who is not real is impossible. Dano embraced Hanuš’s backstory, which revealed his civilization’s loss, thousands of years of travel, and a yearning to return to the beginning.

The actor revealed that he could relate to Hanuš’s desire not to go back to the beginning alone. Through his connection with Jakub, Hanuš discovers the human emotion of love. Dano emphasized the importance of following each character’s unique journey and building a life for them within the context of the story.

Adam Sandler’s Dramatic Performance

In ‘Spaceman,’ Dano is joined by Adam Sandler, who delivers his most dramatic performance to date. Sandler, too, shared insights into his collaboration with the director to portray a character that is distinct from his typical comedic roles.

Release Date and More

‘Spaceman’ will be available for streaming on Netflix starting March 1st. For a more in-depth conversation with Sandler and Dano, be sure to tune into the Inside Total Film podcast, releasing this week.

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