Oshi no Ko Anime Cast Discusses Popularity and Second Season Excitement

The cast of Oshi no Ko, an Anime Awards Anime of the Year nominee, talk about the show’s surge in popularity, its portrayal of the entertainment world, and their anticipation for the upcoming second season.

Oshi no Ko Anime Cast Discusses Popularity and Second Season Excitement

Oshi no Ko, an Anime Awards Anime of the Year nominee, has gained tremendous popularity among fans. The cast of the show, including Takeo Otsuka (Aqua), Yurie Igoma (Ruby), and Megumi Han (Kana Arima), recently sat down with IGN Fan Fest to discuss the show’s surge in popularity and their excitement for the upcoming second season.

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Oshi no Ko is a supernatural drama anime based on the manga by Asa Akasaka, the creator of Kaguya-sama: Love is War. The story follows Aqua, a doctor who is murdered by a deranged fan and reincarnated as the son of a popular idol named Ai Hoshino. Alongside his twin sister Ruby, they live secret lives as the children of Japan’s top idol. When their mother is killed by the deranged fan, Aqua sets out on a path of vengeance to uncover the identity of their father, whom he believes is responsible for his mother’s death.

Surprising Popularity and Factors Contributing to Success

The popularity of Oshi no Ko has taken its voice cast by surprise. While the manga had a dedicated following in 2020, the anime’s premiere episode exceeded expectations. It ranked #1 on the popular anime database and social media site, MyAnimeList, briefly surpassing shows like Demon Slayer: The Swordsman Arc and Attack on Titan. The cast attributes the anime’s success to factors such as the theme song and plot twists, which showcased the strengths of the source material.

The opening theme song, “Idol” by YOASOBI, also contributed to Oshi no Ko’s popularity. It became one of the fastest-streamed songs in history, with over 400 million streams.

Emotional Impact and Realism in Portraying the Entertainment World

The cast members of Oshi no Ko were emotionally affected by the premiere episode, particularly by Rie Takahashi’s portrayal of Ai’s passing. They hope that viewers can sense Ai’s presence in her daughter Ruby as the story progresses. The anime’s depiction of the entertainment industry and vitriolic fandoms resonated with the cast, as they could relate to certain aspects of their own experiences in the industry.

Oshi no Ko delves into the darker side of the entertainment world, shedding light on the sinister elements present in music, film, and reality TV. The show emphasizes the role of toxic fandoms and their impact on the well-being of celebrities. The sixth episode, titled “Egosurfing,” explores the effects of online bullying on a reality TV star, paralleling real-life incidents like the tragic story of professional wrestler Hana Kimura.

Chemistry Among the Voice Cast and Defying Genre Categorization

The voice cast of Oshi no Ko had various opportunities to work together and found inspiration in each other’s performances. They particularly enjoyed recording scenes with their respective characters, Aqua and Kana, and appreciated the chemistry they shared. The cast feels that Oshi no Ko is a series that defies genre categorization and is full of possibilities.

Anticipation for the Second Season and Unique Story Arc

As the anime approaches its one-year anniversary, the cast eagerly anticipates the second season. They are especially excited to see how the studio brings the manga’s fifth major story arc, the 2.5D Stage Play, to life. They look forward to witnessing the animated depiction of key scenes and experiencing the unique atmosphere created by the combination of visuals and music.

Oshi no Ko’s first season is available exclusively on Hidive, and the second season is set to release later this year. Fans can expect more thrilling twists and turns in the captivating world of Oshi no Ko.

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