Night Country Star Kali Reis Disappointed by True Detective Creator’s Negative Comments

Kali Reis, star of Night Country, expresses disappointment over True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto reposting negative viewer criticism of the new season on social media.

Night Country Star Kali Reis Disappointed by True Detective Creator’s Negative Comments

Kali Reis, star of Night Country, has expressed disappointment over the recent actions of original True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto. Pizzolatto, who served as an executive producer on the fourth season of the popular HBO crime anthology series, reposted negative viewer criticism of the new season on his Instagram story. Reis called it a ‘damn shame’ and criticized the act of amplifying negative comments.

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Responding to a social media post that called out Pizzolatto for sharing negative feedback about the fourth season, Reis wrote on Twitter, ‘That’s a damn shame. But hey, I guess ‘if you don’t have anything good to share, s**t on others’ is the new wave.’ Her comment highlighted her disappointment in Pizzolatto’s decision to repost negative comments instead of focusing on positive aspects.

Night Country: A Departure from Pizzolatto’s Involvement

The fourth season of True Detective, titled Night Country, marked a departure from Pizzolatto’s involvement as showrunner and writer. Instead, Issa López took on the role of creator, showrunner, writer, and sole director of all six episodes. Pizzolatto confirmed early on that he had no input in the new installment.

Screenshots shared on Twitter allegedly show Pizzolatto reposting viewer comments criticizing Night Country after the season finale aired on February 18. The critical posts referred to the season as ‘insulting’ and ‘disrespectful’ and criticized the finale for its perceived sloppy writing.

López’s Response to Pizzolatto’s Negativity

This is not the first time Pizzolatto has expressed negativity towards Night Country. López, who crafted the story with a team of writers, responded to his earlier hostile remarks by acknowledging his right to his own opinion. She emphasized that the team created the story with love and respect for Pizzolatto’s previous work on the show. López invited viewers to join in the reinvention of the series, emphasizing that Night Country was a different take on True Detective but still aimed to engage and entertain.

Night Country’s Success Despite Pizzolatto’s Reception

Despite the mixed reception from Pizzolatto, Night Country became the most-watched season of True Detective to date. The season attracted an average of 12.7 million viewers per episode across platforms. The storyline followed the investigation led by Danvers (played by Jodie Foster) and Navarro (played by Kali Reis) into the disappearance of eight scientists.

True Detective: Night Country received positive reviews, with IGN awarding it a score of 9/10. The review praised the season as the best since the original, commending López for skillfully incorporating the Alaska setting into a compelling detective story. The show was noted for its chilling and expertly crafted horror sequences.

Kali Reis’s Reaction Highlights the Divide

Kali Reis’s reaction to Nic Pizzolatto’s reposting of negative comments highlights the divide between the creator and the cast. While Pizzolatto may have had reservations about Night Country, the season’s success and positive critical reception demonstrate the show’s ability to engage viewers and deliver a compelling narrative.

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