Mammootty Shines in Period Horror Drama ‘Bramayugom’

Acclaimed Malayalam actor Mammootty delivers a captivating performance in ‘Bramayugom,’ a period horror drama with elements of local fantasy. The film showcases Mammootty’s ability to surprise, fascinate, and leave viewers awestruck.

Mammootty Shines in Captivating Period Horror Drama

Mammootty, the acclaimed Malayalam actor, delivers a captivating performance in ‘Bramayugom,’ a period horror drama with elements of local fantasy. Constantly challenging filmmakers to push both him and the audience out of their comfort zones, Mammootty once again surprises, fascinates, and leaves viewers awestruck.

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In this film directed by Rahul Sadasivan and co-written with TD Ramakrishnan, Mammootty portrays the character of Koduman Potti, the sole surviving member of a crumbling and dilapidated mana (traditional Kerala home). Siddharth, played by Arjun Ashokan, works as a help at the mana. The story takes a turn when Thevan, a low-caste singer trying to escape slavery, seeks refuge in the mana surrounded by forests.

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Koduman Potti becomes enamored with Thevan’s singing talent and offers him food and lodging, much to Siddharth’s annoyance. However, as Thevan explores the vast house and its overgrown grounds, he discovers dark secrets hidden within its walls. Siddharth’s character reveals that a chathan (demon) had plagued the Potti family for generations, until Koduman managed to lock it away. But is the demon truly contained?

The second half of the film delves into the duo’s attempt to free the house from the clutches of the chathan. The script, direction, and art direction by Jothish Shankar effectively cultivate an eerie atmosphere, creating a genuinely scary experience for the audience. Shehnad Jalal’s cinematography, coupled with Shafique Mohamed Ali’s editing, particularly shines during the intense sequences where Thevan and Siddharth’s characters face hallucinatory horrors while trying to capture the demon.

The music composed by Christo Xavier adds another layer of brilliance to the film. In one memorable moment, as Thevan reminisces about his home, the music transitions into a melodic tenderness, beautifully capturing the emotion of the scene.

However, while ‘Bramayugom’ excels in creating a haunting atmosphere, the story occasionally lacks a cohesive flow and fails to clarify certain aspects, which detracts from the overall storytelling experience.

Nevertheless, Mammootty’s performance keeps viewers spellbound throughout the film. His appearance, resounding laughter, and ability to convey horror are captivating. Siddharth, though initially playing his character with restraint, becomes striking as the intensity of the story builds. He has done an excellent job in portraying his character’s overall look. Arjun Ashokan also delivers a commendable performance.

In addition to providing delightfully scary chills, ‘Bramayugom’ carries the nostalgic appeal of listening to a grandmother’s tales. The film successfully blends elements of horror, fantasy, class politics, and religious philosophy, creating a unique cinematic experience.

Mammootty’s dedication to choosing challenging roles and his ability to captivate audiences continue to make him a powerhouse in the Malayalam film industry. ‘Bramayugom’ is yet another testament to his talent and the creative vision of the filmmakers involved.

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