Lisa Frankenstein: A Monstrous Mess of a Film

Discover the haphazard and incoherent mess that is ‘Lisa Frankenstein,’ a film that falls flat in its attempt to blend feminist themes with the reanimated creature trope. With lazy storytelling, juvenile humor, and tired ’80s references, this cinematic disaster is best avoided.

The Disastrous Blend: Lisa Frankenstein’s Failed Attempt at Feminism

In the realm of cinema, there are occasional films that leave audiences bewildered and questioning the sanity of their creators. ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ is one such movie, a haphazard concoction stitched together from various sources, resulting in a painfully incoherent and profoundly dumb experience.

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This peculiar film attempts to offer a feminist twist on the classic reanimated creature trope, set in the late 1980s. With its New Wave songs, teased hair, and vibrant spandex, it seems intent on mocking the fashion trends and cultural elements of that era.

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Kathryn Newton takes on the role of Lisa Swallows, a goth-like misfit teenager who befriends a reanimated zombie bachelor from 1837, played by Cole Sprouse. Unfortunately, the execution of this premise falls flat, with the zombie character lacking depth and resorting to grunts for communication, reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s portrayal in ‘Edward Scissorhands.’ Whoever believed Sprouse would shine in this role has missed the mark entirely.

A Messy Narrative: Incoherence and Lazy Storytelling

The story revolves around Lisa, who finds herself in a new town and family after her mother’s gruesome death and her father’s remarriage. Carla Gugino delivers a gloriously over-the-top performance as Lisa’s stepmother, while Liza Soberano portrays her friendly cheerleader stepsister.

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The arrival of a Victorian-era zombie in 1989 presents intriguing possibilities, but the film squanders them by embarking on a ‘Weird Science’-like transformation narrative, reminiscent of ‘My Fair Lady.’ Lisa takes it upon herself to clean up the zombie and hide him in her bedroom, resulting in hilariously mismatched attire such as a blazer and a Violent Femmes T-shirt.

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One of the crucial needs of the zombie is replacement body parts, leading Lisa to procure them from those who have wronged them. This macabre concept is played for laughs, with the duo using an axe to harvest an ear, fingers, and even a penis. This attempt at humor is indicative of the film’s overall quality, resorting to juvenile toilet humor and tired jokes about vibrators and menstrual cycles.

A Disjointed Transformation: Unhinged Characters and Lack of Coherence

As the movie progresses, Lisa undergoes a transformation, ultimately resembling Madonna from ‘Desperately Seeking Susan.’ She embarks on a murderous rampage and races against time to lose her virginity before it all ends. Will she find love? Will she recognize true love before it’s too late? The film fails to evoke any sense of investment or curiosity in these questions.

By the film’s conclusion, Lisa, once an outcast with gothic inclinations, has morphed into an unhinged, violent monster, while the zombie surprisingly becomes more human and compassionate. This deviation from their initial characterizations feels disjointed and detracts from the film’s coherence.

A Cinematic Disaster: Lazy Humor and Unwatchable Script

‘Lisa Frankenstein’ is marketed as a PG-13 film, warning parents about its violent content, bloody images, sexual material, explicit language, references to sexual assault, teen drinking, and drug content. Clocking in at 101 minutes, this movie is an absolute mess, deserving of zero stars out of four.

In summary, ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ is a failed attempt at blending feminist themes with the reanimated creature trope. Director Zelda Williams is out of her depth, unable to create tension, interest, or a coherent narrative. Diablo Cody’s writing lacks the wit and charm of her previous works, resulting in an unwatchable mess. This film relies on juvenile humor, tired ’80s references, and shock value, offering little substance or entertainment value. Save yourself the trouble and skip this cinematic disaster.

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