January Movie Releases: Hits and Misses

A look back at the movies released in January, highlighting the hits and misses. Mean Girls, Founders Day, and Society Of The Snow stood out as highlights, while I.S.S., The Beekeeper, and the Mean Girls remake fell short of expectations.

January Movie Releases: Hits and Misses

January is typically a challenging month for moviegoers, and this year was no exception. The impact of the actor’s and writer’s strikes only added to the limited schedule of theatrical releases. However, amidst the misses, there were a few hits that surprised audiences.

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Let’s take a quick look back at our reviews of the movies released in January, in case there’s something you missed or are still curious about.

Mean Girls: A Surprising Hit

Despite downplaying its musical elements in the trailers, Mean Girls managed to perform well at the box office. The 2024 remake struggled to find its own identity, but it still attracted audiences.

Tina Fey’s screenplay lacked fresh perspectives, resulting in a somewhat soulless retread. However, the addition of musical numbers may have been intriguing for the stage.

Founders Day: A Delight for Horror Fans

Founders Day excelled in various aspects, such as casting, lighting, and clever dialogue. It skillfully played with genre conventions and surprised viewers with its smart plotting. Horror enthusiasts found themselves in good hands with Founders Day.

The Beekeeper: Jason Statham’s Tiresome Film

In The Beekeeper, Jason Statham portrayed a stoic beekeeper who gets entangled in his past as a different kind of “beekeeper.” While Statham’s action sequences were impressive, the film became tiresome due to its repetitive nature. It heavily relied on its bluntly delivered metaphor, repeating the title excessively and exhausting its impact.

I.S.S.: A Missed Opportunity in Sci-Fi

I.S.S., a sci-fi film starring Ariana DeBose, failed to live up to its potential. Set on an international space station where six passengers engage in a power struggle, the movie lacked fresh ideas and failed to fully utilize its unique setting and narrative function. As a result, it lacked the necessary gravitational pull to captivate audiences.

Night Swim: Manipulating Expectations

Night Swim, a horror film, played with audience expectations and rhythms. The trailer provided a clear idea of what to expect, allowing the director, Bryce McGuire, to manipulate those expectations to create a creepy and amusing experience. It was a double-edged sword, as the audience had preconceived notions, but McGuire cleverly used them to his advantage.

The Book Of Clarence: An Odd but Enjoyable Blend

The Book Of Clarence took a different approach by offering an adventurous homage to biblical epics. The film imagined a 13th apostle who deceitfully becomes a disciple of Jesus. This charming small-time crook sees an opportunity to benefit from Jesus’ popularity, leading to an entertaining mix of anachronism and religious themes. However, the film struggled to fully commit to either tone, resulting in an odd but enjoyable blend.

Society Of The Snow: Honoring the Brave Survivors

Society Of The Snow aimed to honor the brave individuals who survived the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. Directed by J.A. Bayona, it sought to tell their story with the respect it deserved. Previous adaptations of this harrowing true story fell short, but Society Of The Snow aimed to rectify that by capturing the incredible journey of the survivors.

Conclusion: A Mix of Hits and Misses

In conclusion, January proved to be a challenging month for movie releases. While some films managed to surprise and entertain audiences, others fell short of expectations. Mean Girls, Founders Day, and Society Of The Snow stood out as highlights of the month. However, there were also disappointments, such as I.S.S., The Beekeeper, and the mixed reception of the Mean Girls remake. As always, the world of cinema continues to provide a mix of hits and misses, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the next wave of releases.

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