Exciting News: Baldur’s Gate 3 to Receive Full-Fledged Mod Support

Larian Studios announces plans for full-fledged mod support for Baldur’s Gate 3, set to be released later this year. The studio is actively working on a cross-platform mod support system and will collaborate with the modding community to ensure a smooth experience for all players.

Exciting News: Baldur’s Gate 3 to Receive Full-Fledged Mod Support

Larian Studios has exciting news for fans of Baldur’s Gate 3. The studio is currently working on full-fledged mod support for the game, set to be released later this year. This announcement came from Larian’s publishing director, Michael Douse, who usually keeps the studio’s plans under wraps until they are ready.

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Douse took to Twitter to share the news, stating, “We generally don’t talk about things til they’re ready, but as you may have read, we’re making an exception.” He further added, “We’ve been working on a robust, cross-platform plan for mod support to be released later in the year. We love our modding community and we want to support them. It’s coming.”

While details are still scarce, Douse mentioned that the mod support system is being tested and requires further work. However, Larian is excited about the upcoming feature and understands the frustration when mods break after game updates. The studio plans to involve and collaborate with the modding community to ensure a smooth experience for all players.

The term “cross-platform” used by Douse suggests that console players may also have the opportunity to enjoy mods in some capacity. While it remains to be seen how the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will fit into this plan, there have been examples of console mod support in games like Skyrim. Therefore, it is possible that Larian has similar intentions for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Addressing Conflicts and Player Feedback

In the patch notes for hotfix 19, Larian acknowledges the potential conflicts between mods and game updates. The studio advises players to uninstall mods if they encounter issues after installing the latest update. They also encourage players to report any persistent issues to their support team. To prevent such conflicts in the future, Larian is exploring ways to involve relevant parties before releasing patches.

Additionally, Larian is actively working to address the issues introduced with Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 6, which unfortunately worsened the experience for some players. The studio is committed to delivering the best possible experience and is actively listening to player feedback.

In the meantime, Baldur’s Gate 3 players are engaging in a community-wide RPG scavenger hunt, sharing their discoveries and discussing elements they believe most people may have missed in the game.

Anticipating Mod Support and Its Impact

Overall, the mod support announcement from Larian Studios has generated excitement among Baldur’s Gate 3 players. The studio’s commitment to supporting the modding community and their efforts to address issues demonstrate their dedication to delivering a high-quality gaming experience. Fans eagerly await further updates on the upcoming mod support and its potential impact on the game.

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