DC Announces Absolute Power Event, Featuring Amanda Waller as the Main Antagonist

DC Comics unveils Absolute Power event series with Amanda Waller as the main antagonist. Mark Waid and Dan Mora team up for the limited four-issue series launching in July.

DC Announces Absolute Power Event with Amanda Waller as the Main Antagonist

DC Comics has recently unveiled its upcoming event series, Absolute Power, as part of the Dawn of DC phase. The limited four-issue event series, set to launch in July, will bring together the creative talents of writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora. Fans who have been following recent developments in the comics will not be surprised to see Amanda Waller taking on the role of the main antagonist.

DC Announces Absolute Power Event, Featuring Amanda Waller as the Main Antagonist - -90076699

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To precede the series, DC will release two special issues. The Absolute Power Free Comic Book Day Special Edition for 2024 will be available on Saturday, May 4, during Free Comic Book Day. This issue will feature a new 12-page story by Waid, with art by Mikel Janín. Additionally, the Absolute Power: Ground Zero one-shot will be released in June, serving as a bridge between the conclusion of the Superman ‘House of Brainiac’ arc and Waller’s plans in Absolute Power.

Amanda Waller’s Ruthless Plan to Eliminate Metahuman Abilities

Amanda Waller, often referred to as ‘The Wall,’ has played a significant role in various stories over the past year, particularly in the Titans: Beast World crossover event. Now, her plans are on the verge of realization. According to DC’s synopsis for Absolute Power, Waller’s ruthless nature and dangerous alliances have positioned her to fulfill her pledge of eliminating all metahuman abilities worldwide. This summer, her plans will take a major step forward in DC’s big summer blockbuster event.

Exciting Lineup of New Elseworlds Titles from DC

DC has also announced the release dates for its first wave of new Elseworlds titles. Starting from June, a new title will be published monthly. The lineup includes Gotham by Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age #1 in June, Dark Knights of Steel: Allwinter #1 in July, DC vs. Vampires: World War V #1 in August, Batman the Barbarian #1 in September, Green Lantern Dark #1 in October, and Batman: Nightfire #1 in November.

Amanda Waller’s Role in Suicide Squad: Dream Team

In addition to her involvement in Absolute Power, Amanda Waller has been busy recruiting more heroes to Task Force X, including Dreamer. To learn more about the upcoming Suicide Squad: Dream Team, check out our interview with writer Nicole Maines.

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