Bootcut Balaraju Movie Review: A Tediously Dull and Boring Comedy

Read our honest review of the movie ‘Bootcut Balaraju’ and discover why it falls flat in delivering an engaging comedy experience. With a poorly written protagonist and predictable clichés, this film tests the audience’s patience. Despite a few jokes, the lack of novelty, boring narrative, and tasteless writing make ‘Bootcut Balaraju’ a tedious watch. Find out more about the film’s merits and demerits in our in-depth review.

Bootcut Balaraju Movie Review: A Tediously Dull and Boring Comedy

Sohel Ryan, known for his appearance in the popular show ‘Bigg Boss,’ takes on the lead role in ‘Bootcut Balaraju,’ a film released today. Let’s delve into the strengths and weaknesses of this movie.

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The story revolves around Balaraju and his group of carefree young men who lack ambition in life. Balaraju, who is not academically inclined, finds himself in a situation where he must transform into a responsible man to win the love of Mahalakshmi. His decision to challenge Indravathi Patel in the Sarpanch elections becomes the turning point of the plot. Can Balaraju win the election despite his reputation as a do-nothing guy?

Sohel’s performance as Balaraju is decent, although the character itself is poorly written. Indraja delivers a good performance as Indravathi, but her role doesn’t contribute much to the overall film. Meghalekha, playing the daughter of Patelamma and the main female lead, delivers a fine performance. Siri Hanumanthu, the other female lead, is satisfactory. The sporadic appearances of several actors, including Sunil, with their lackluster comedic acts, add to the film’s shortcomings.

In terms of technical aspects, the film offers standard output without anything exceptional. Bheem’s songs stand out compared to the rest of the technical aspects. Shyam K Naidu’s cinematography is adequate.

The highlights of the film include a couple of jokes and two songs. However, the drawbacks are plentiful, including a routine plot, never-ending clichéd sequences, lack of engaging episodes, boring narrative, and tasteless writing.

‘Bootcut Balaraju’ follows a clichéd rural comedy formula where the main character’s goal is to win his love. The film bears similarities to Allari Naresh’s comedy films from a decade ago, with the only difference being the present-day Telangana setting and the inclusion of comedic skits performed by the Jabardasth gang.

The title ‘Bootcut Balaraju’ refers to the symbol the hero receives when running for Sarpanch elections. However, the film lacks novelty compared to similar titles in Allari Naresh’s films.

The first half of the film focuses on the hero’s carefree nature, his interactions with friends, college jokes, village fights, and song-dance sequences. There is also a typical romance scene. The narrative then shifts towards the main conflict in Balaraju’s life and delves into the village elections.

From the beginning, it is clear that the director’s aim is to portray Sohel as a mass-appealing young protagonist. However, the execution falls flat, with excessively theatrical scenes towards the climax adding to the overall boredom.

Sunil, Saddaam, and Mukku Avinash attempt to generate laughter, but the rest of the film follows a predictable formula and becomes quite challenging to sit through.

Overall, ‘Bootcut Balaraju’ tests the audience’s patience. Apart from a few jokes, the film is tediously dull and boring.

Bottom line: ‘Bootcut Balaraju’ fails to deliver an engaging comedy experience, with a poorly written protagonist and predictable clichés that make it a tedious watch.

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